Spring Is In the Air


While I know these same sentiments can’t be said by everyone everywhere, for myself it felt REALLY good to have an unseasonable 80-degree day yesterday in Iowa farm country in mid-March.

Yes, SPRING is fast approaching and everyone in my world is jumping for joy. After yet another winter of ridiculous snow amounts and below-zero temperatures, the season is finally changing,…as are we all, …whether we are as aware of the changes, as we are of the weather improvements.

I mentioned in the previous post that I was shifting focus both personally and in my blog. And although I can’t exactly pinpoint at present where my NEW focus lies, I can say this: I feel it is the dawn of a new day for all of us, I will attempt to describe here why I believe that to be true.

I’ll even list the reasolar flaressons, because we like lists. (It makes it look more official.):

  • We are all units of energy, constantly in motion and in various stages of expansion and contraction. The increased solar storm activity over the last decade, and especially over the last year, has been and still IS affecting us by amping up the electrical charge in our auric fields to create a more powerful personal presence—a more powerful energy field around us, when we interact daily with each other.

What that means is that stronger energy field makes us better defined as distinct, individual energy units, and more capable of standing strongly in our own power now than we were prior to the super-solar activity. It initially increased our combativeness, as might be expected, but we’re moving through that phase and into a calmer, more resolute, higher-frequency one.

It also means we are now less likely to be “absorbed” into the stronger fields of others (or adversely influenced by them). We have our own opinions, our own beliefs, and we don’t need others telling us how to think and feel. We feel more personally secure in our own knowledge now and less needful to defend ourselves from the opinions and combativeness of others. We stop making “their stuff,” our stuff.

We can hold our own with greater ease and comfort now; and that matters because we are moving from cult- and group-driven behaviors to individually-responsible behaviors. We are now more independent and more democratically inclined, as opposed to being autocratically-inclined. It might not seem that way at present, but the pendulum is in motion swinging strongly for freedom and independence for everyone, …everywhere. You’ll see. This will be a pivotal year for freedom world-wide. That I know.

  • Also, the global, lake-turnover energies that I discussed in earlier posts are smoothing into a higher-frequency wavelength, creating a more harmonious environment for us; which will in turn lessen the intensity of the statically-charged energy around us. And it will also lessen the inclination for those energies to disrupt all social interactions, unmasking all imposters that we might encounter. Imposters are doing a fine job of revealing themselves thanks to the increased light penetrating their own dark recesses. They can’t hide any longer. They’ve been outted by the intensity of the light. And that will continue.

We will welcome this new, more pleasant frequency resonance as it has a “coming home” feel to it. You will instantly recognize it, as you will ‘feel more at peace’ when it happens. Inner agitation will simply cease and you become genuinely calm and assured with a new-found sense of certainty that defies logic. That’s your true intuition kicking in. You will start relying more on that under-used intuitive sense now.

When this occurs for all, …and it will, …we will see and think more clearly than we had previously, and wonder why we didn’t “see those things” before that we now find so obvious to us. That’s called “a SHIFT” in consciousness. That’s what we are experiencing on a grand scale now. The SHIFT is actually occurring right now—we are IN IT at present. I’m not just shifting focus—WE ALL ARE SHIFTING FOCUS AT THE SAME TIME.

  • I’ll list one more thing to ponder before closing this post before it becomes a Homerian epic: Ah yes, speaking of the Greek poet Homer, Odysseythat is an appropriate reference. His tale was of the “Hero’s Journey” myth of Odysseus (Ulysses) the Greek King of Ithaca—returning home from the Trojan Wars. “The Odyssey” as it was called, implies that all he and his crew endured on the fateful journey was not just atonement for indiscretions, but was requirement from the gods to prove the warrior’s worth and sacrifice just to return to his homeland.

The good news is that Odysseus, the King, did make it home in tact, just as we have made it back through all the pitfalls and hard times we have faced over this last decade leading up to this momentous shift in consciousness. We are there now. We have arrived! It may not presently look like home, but it is.

The world is shifting higher, just as we are shifting our consciousness out of the need to force our opinions on others.

ageofaquariusAs this Spring season dawns on 2015, I predict that you will start to see the sprouting of new, more collaborative and more joyful experiences for everyone. This IS truly the dawning of a NEW AGE that we’ve been long awaiting.

Yes, just like my old album musical “HAIR” declares: It really is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

I’m certainly ready for it. How about you?