Who Is the Healer Here?

It’s such a shame that by the time most of us finally get a handle on how life really works, it’s pretty late in the game.

It turns out that all those vices that we once adored may not have been so beneficial after all.

All thexcessose wild and crazy times with friends and anyone else around us back then, might not have been so “fun” the next morning when our eyes finally opened and our head stopped spinning. But then we went right back to them the next weekend, and the weekend after that, etc.

All those wheelbarrows full of chips, dips, sodas, hot dogs, nacho grandes, and candy bars we carted home from the grocery store or the fast-food joint, might not have been as nutritious and body-supportive as our younger minds once told us that they were. (Or as nutritious as our after-adolescent/pre-retirement minds told us they were.)

All those times we took the elevator rather than the stairs because the extra exercise was just too much effort, is starting to add up around our ever-expanding middle. Elastic waistbands or sweatpants have become our favorite mode of lower-body coverage. And those spandex pants stretched to infinity trying to cover 20-lbs of potatoes in 10-lb sack, is almost obscene from the rearview people! (Please don’t make me see that again.)

So here we are now….approaching middle-age from one side or the other (that’s if we live to be at least 100yrs), asking various doctors and nutritionists why we feel so awful.

  • Why does my body hurt?dr and pill
  • Why do I have indigestion?
  • Why can’t I eat the things I once did without regretting it in an hour?
  • Why do I have no energy?
  • Why can’t I sleep?
  • My head hurts. My body hurts. My back is killing me. My feet fall asleep.
  • Is there some pill or supplement that I can take to feel better NOW?

You know, I could claim that as an energy therapist or a hypnotist these are the very symptoms that I hear when people come to me hoping that I can help them find relief from some suffering and pain symptom; but in truth, I’m no different than any of those folks are—I’ve been there doing the “not so healthy” things in my youth that have likely contributed to my own present-day aches and pains. I just don’t do as much of them any longer, if at all.

So it’s pretty hard for me to criticize anyone; and it’s even hard for me to listen to those proselytizers who mount their mobile soapbox in front of a captive audience and shake a pencil-thin finger at others for their evidential health transgressions.

I mean really. We ARE human. We likely have had poor role models throughout our youth (and I don’t mean the razor-thin ones walking the fashion runways).

Not to mention that most of us didn’t have “Michele Obama mothers” who were as educated and disciplined about our early eating habits; because we more than likely had “Bill Clinton appetites” for fast burgers and fries on the side, oh yeah, …with a chocolate milkshake—to go, please.

However, in saying that we are both the products of tainted genetics and marketing-driven environments, there is still the important fact that WE are in charge of our own health; and it is UP TO US to change our ways to eating a healthier diet and to getting more exercise.

But it’s also up Jesus and the blind manto us to realize that the only one who really “heals you” is yourself. I and any other health practitioner can help all that we are able to help, but the rest is up to you (or me with my own aches and pains). We actually are the main determiners of our own healing—sometimes at this level of awareness and sometimes at the level of our Higher Self—depending on the lessons we came here to explore.

In reality as we presently know it there are NO silver bullets that magically eliminate a health foe. Nor are there instant “feel better” pills for chronic suffering. Yes, there are “feel-nothing” pills (or alcohol) that are addictive, but those aren’t the same as actually improving your health condition. Those just make you care less if you ever feel anything again—good or bad. That’s why they should be avoided.

In conclusion, I wish I could tell the person who called me over the weekhealthy body quoteend pertaining to his deteriorating health condition that, “Yes, you bet. I’ll have you feeling WAY better in no time.”

Except in all likelihood, I might be able to help you a little, but most of the work will be up to you and how you choose to live your life.

Wake Up Alice! …This Rabbit-hole Trip Is Getting Old

Alice and rabbitTo say that this is a very strange time is the understatement of the age. The degree of pot-stirring in previously untouchable subject matter is both mind-boggling and jaw-dropping. It is totally cringe-worthy!

And as much as I would like all the world-wide chaos to settle down, and for the world to be a calmer, more enjoyable living environment for all of us, I also think I understand part of the necessity that it is the way it presently seems.

I wasn’t kidding earlier about the disruptive and penetrating energies coming in now being similar to lake turn-over in my post of “Upside-down and Sideways.” Energetically that’s what this really is—a time of skuzzy-bottom content rising to the surface for purification and clearing—which is neither pretty nor pleasant for anyone; especially for the fish—with which we now have a much closer association.

The Paris terrorism situation has created a reactionary back-lash that now resembles bait-the-bear. And you know what happens when you entice the bear with a juicy morsel tied to a nearby tree? Sure. The bear can’t resist the tasty temptation, and it becomes an easier target to catch/kill. I understand that part. But I have a few questions, as well.

Is this nasty situation creating over-reactions on both sides of the free-speech, “no subject is off-limits” issue? Yes.

Is this “cover-as-bait” really a calculated tactic that only time will show whether or not is effective in drawing terror cells out of hiding to “avenge” the perceived publicized insult?

Was that the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff’s main intention with the latest cover art—to draw out the terror Voltairecells that still might be hiding nearby? Hmmm…..I don’t think so.

I think they were just standing up strongly for freedom of speech, which is their right, as it is anyone’s right to decide their own beliefs and opinions. You don’t cower to a bully—you face them down at the start, or you will be constantly cowering ever afterwards. That is what I think the magazine’s staff were doing—just taking a very strong stand for their own freedom of speech. How their actions were perceived, is up to individual interpretation.

Did the Pope need to chime in with his two-cents worth on punching someone who might be insulting his mother or his religion? No. But he did. Talk about mixed messages in that little media exchange…. “violence is never acceptable—but I’d punch you if you insult my mother or religion.”

So where does that leave the rest of us who are on the sidelines, watching this mess unfold as it is likely going to unfold—violently, gruesomely, and chaotically in nations, states, and cities world-wide? Yes, we are simply shaking our heads and expecting the worst, but all hoping that this world society grows up sometime soon and stops taking itself so seriously. It’s like living through adolescence all over again.

On the other hand, that same energetic lake turn-over effect that throws everything into chaos also brings the forbidden subjects to the forefront of public attention to see whether there really is a smoldering fire within them, or just a lingering, still-smoky, half-wet pile of leaves there that hasn’t yet burned through all the combustible material.

It is loudly emphasizing the basic questions of what makes any religion the basis of a deeply-held belief; and are the religious beliefs/doctrines justifiable if they pit one group of people against other groups of people?

Red QueenI would expect these issues and subjects will become mainstream topics for the next year or so, as we will likely have more opportunities to examine their reactors’/detractors’ actions and reactions to the on-going saga.

Personally, I request for someone to PLEASE show Alice the way out of this never-ending rabbit-hole, or at least please nudge her awake. The Red Queen is getting a bit out of hand here.

That Thankful Time of Year

Gratitude and appreciation are good anytime, but around Thanksgiving it becomes very popular, if not culturally mandatory. And that’s fine.

I feel much gratitude every day, so this day and the day that turkeys fear the most, are simply additional reminders of how fortunate so many of us are to live safely in warm dwellings with ample food on our plates; and to be thankful also for occasionally having others around us to share in our abundance.

Remembering fun holiday times with family and with friends, whether still present or long since departed, is to relive laughter spilling over at the dinner table like too-full wine glasses raised for toasting good fortunes and continued comradery. These simple times are perhaps the best memories we will ever retain throughout our lives.

We sit, during this joyful celebration of a meal well-shared, impatiently waiting with forks poised mid-stab, to hear “just one more” of those boisterously proclaimed, long-winded wishes made for continued happy times together and for the promise of even better tomorrows for us all.

So for those who gather close with friends and family during this festive season, or for those who may shed a tear wishing that they had them around to be together again, may your holiday wishes be all that you have ever imagined, and may they indeed become all that you ever hoped them to be.

But if those “good memories” aren’t exactly what your Holidays ever were, then it’s time to make some good memories to replace the old not-so-good ones!mad mags family dinner

Keep in mind “creating new GOOD memories” is always an option, for as the adage goes: While you can’t choose your family, you CAN choose your friends. And good friends can make for a good chosen family!

It’s really about caring and sharing whatever you have, and about seeing who can make the biggest fool of themselves for everyone else’s enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter that at your cooked-at-home, holiday-dinner gathering the mashed potatoes might be a little lumpy, or the green bean casserole doesn’t exactly look like the picture showed it should.

What matters is that you thought enough of the people who are gathered there with you during that meal, to share what you had with those that you cared about the most.

So here is wishing blessings, joy, and good fellowship to all. Make some fun holiday memories to savor over the years to come—just to spill them mercilessly on next year’s tablecloth.

Making Sense from Senselessness

The world is a very strange place right now, and perhaps it always was. Perhaps we just weren’t as aware of the ambiguities and the twisted allegiances, or the behind-the-scenes machinations that determined the stage-play that most of us willingly sat through prior.

We now yell, “Who’s directing this show?!!” as we squirm uncomfortably in our seats. “Why is this happening, Director? It isn’t supposed to happen this way….We can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys in this stupid play. Who are we supposed to root for? Who are we supposed to identify with?

All around us people are clamoring for more certainties and assurances, and instead we are getting “I don’t know what happened….It’s a surprise to me.” And that just isn’t setting well no matter the political affiliation, or the belief system.

The world seems completely messed up everywhere, and appears to be getting worse by the day. I think we’re all pretty confused on how to put everything back in order the way it should be, because it’s getting harder to tell how it should be.

In the midst of such wide-spread chaos, people’s anxiety disorders are amping to the max, and they start screaming, “What are we going to do?” snow flakes on blue


Well, …let’s just chill here for a minute……… 


You know, I could be wrong, …but I think a complete shake-up is the whole point of this world-wide chaotic phase that we are in. And I am certain that it is a PHASE—a delusionshattering phase for furthering the evolution of the collective consciousness that we all share. (Please keep in mind that our teenage years were a growth phase between childhood and adulthood, and most of us managed to survive that, …although, some better than others.)

I see this present state of wide-spread disarray as a time for concentrated reexamining of our values and our beliefs about who we are personally and as a nation, and even as a global community.

I also know that the most prevalent question in my mind right now is what is the difference between the good guys and the bad guys throughout this world when they all seem to be doing the same thing—which is killing people, just for different reasons?

It seems to be a time for questioning any authoritarian rule; as well as witnessing such governing deconstruction in all branches of federal government, that it’s like watching a bad re-run of “Lord of the Flies.” We’re all left wondering, “Are there any adults left in charge here, or did they all go down with the plane?”

Yet, ….yes, there is a YET, …there is a feeling of higher intention behind such world-wide chaos, which always makes me pay sharper attention to any noticeable collective behavioral-pattern changes and energy shifts, because those usually precede a collective consciousness shift upward. And upward means for the better, folks!

I’m NOT a doom-and-gloom person, so I don’t see this as the end-of-the-world sort of thing. But I do consider it as a wake-up call to pay a little closer attention to what values we align to that justify viewing some people as being more expendable than others and some people as having greater value than the rest. Who makes those decisions? And more importantly, who do you WANT making those decisions?

These are important questions we all need to ask ourselves.

Personally, I think there’s a common theme in this horrendous world-wide mess. Just watch the world news at present and count how many times the word “borders” comes up in all world conflicts; …someone crossing someone else’s borders or firing across someone else’s borders.

Then ask yourself what does “border” mean?

How do you separate your problems out from your neighbor’s problems? Is it by the border of your property? The border of your home? The border of your own space? What makes up YOUR border? Where does your border begin and end?

Is it all about BORDERS everywhere—the perceived separation between US and THEM? Or is it about standards of human welfare and humane treatment; and who makes the decisions on either one?

Yes, these are difficult times forcing reexamination of complex issues; and all I know is that “Seeing through the Illusion of Separateness” is the subtitle of my first book published back in the year 2000, when I gave hard-thought to concepts of unified consciousness and feelings of Oneness with all—which basically means being “borderless.”

So I think reexamining BORDERS, both established and imaginary, is what this chaotic phase in the world is really about right now, for all of us.

Perhaps the whole point of this chaotic time is that we are to reexamine our concepts of what really separates us from each other. Is it just a random line drawn somewhere in the sand, or is it a defensive mirrored-wall that allows us to see only ourselves when times are tough?

What are we really so afraid of?    Is it them? ….Or is it seeing ourselves in them?

imaginary borders picImaginary borders Art Print by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Promoting Healthy Bodies and Increasing Mental Clarity

Just by using one or two of the simple relaxation or guided meditations mentioned previously, you can soon realize how beneficial meditation is to your overall health and well-being. Clearing the mind, if only for 5-15 minutes at a time, can be totally refreshing allowing us to better navigate the rest of our busy days. Eliminating that incessant mind-chatter can be very calming and comforting.

So even if you only have 15-30 minutes to meditate, once or twice a day, meditation can soon transform your outlook on life and help you better handle the normal daily affairs.

It can be the solace after a difficult, patience-testing situation at work or at home; or it can be the healthy reward that we give ourselves for making it through any type of struggle. You might be amazed how much sharper your mind will become after meditating regularly for a couple weeks, and how much more tolerant or patient you can be with others—or even with yourself.

Positions for Meditation:

There are many effective poses for meditating depending on your flexibility and your location. For the relaxation meditations, lying flat on the floor or on a bed may be your most enticing pose, but the intention is to train your mind to focus and relax while still conscious—not asleep.

One can just as easily meditate sitting in a straight-backed chair with the feet flat on the floor, hands resting on your thighs, eyes closed and body straight—but relaxed. It’s better to do this in an “armless” chair so your shoulders can completely relax as well.

However, if you are flexible enough, you can sit cross-legged on the floor, back straight, eyes closed, hands resting across the knees—either upward or downward facing, with thumb and first finger touching.

lotus meditationIf you are a yoga-adept, you can easily adopt the traditional “lotus position” or the Zen pose shown in the picture.

Which Meditation Best Suites You?

Depending on the meditation technique used, and the intention for using the technique, one can reach a simple, calm inner state where the mind stills and the body relaxes. This basic intention for your meditation practice will provide a soothing, refreshing respite from the daily grind (brain waves move from Beta wakefulness, to Alpha resting state, and can even slip deeper into the Theta state of deep rest and inner peacefulness).

If you are focused on a more spiritual path, one can pursue true-self exploration with a disciplined practice of vipasanna (mindfulness meditation) or contemplative or gazing meditations, and reach deeper beyond Theta state to the Delta-communion state.

The choice is yours. Meditation can be that simple and that profound.

You may want to ask yourself some questions to help define your needs:

  • What is your desire or goal for your meditation practice? (stress reduction, relaxation, better health and mental clarity, techniques for mental and emotional reprogramming, feeling at peace or greater peace of mind, greater self-knowledge, greater spiritual connection, developing intuition, enhancing knowledge and achieving a wisdom state)
  • How much time are you willing to devote to your meditation practice? (5 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day, 15-30 minutes twice a day, etc.,—the longer you do it the more you gain because you can go deeper in consciousness exploration with increased time periods and more frequent sessions)
  • Do you have a quiet, secluded location for meditation—undisturbed by family or phones? (Pull the plug on noise-making devices, shut off the cell phone, or meditate when everyone else is asleep and the world is fairly still.)
  • Find a small area in the house, or be in a natural environment with nature sounds, but find a way to make your meditation location special and reverent for meditating, so that after practicing for a few days, your body naturally relaxes when you close your eyes and assume your meditative position.
  • If spiritual exploration is your desire, are you disciplined enough for daily practice to achieve that goal of transcending the ego-self to connect into the True and Universal Self? (It could take a few days or a few months or even a few years to reach the state of consciousness you desire.) But if that IS your desire, then DO IT.

Most importantly, enjoy your meditation practice. View it as a mini-vacation from the day’s stress. View it as a “reward” to yourself, not a necessary task that you dread. Exercising and meditating can be very similar in that respect: we know that we need to do it, but ….. and then we provide all those reasons not to—good or not.

So just give yourself some REALLY GOOD reasons to meditate, and then FIND THE TIME to improve your health and mental clarity. It’s worth it because YOU ARE worth it!