Honoring the Senses

This morning I saw the clouds approaching from the western horizon, but at that distance I couldn’t cloud bankdetect their speed. It really didn’t matter to me because I knew there were tasks to be completed today and endeavors to attempt. My mind had set its own agenda for this small window of “work opportunity” and was not going to be deterred by distant possibilities lying outside its “being productive” intention.

As I donned the clothes appropriate to the industrious labor awaiting me, I looked once more out the open window at the fast-advancing cloud front, and then caught the whiff of something distinct and easily recognizable—the scent of rain in the air. Now my wavering mind said, Hmmm, …maybe these work clothes won’t be needed after all.

It wasn’t long past that thought that the first “tinks” and plops” sounded as large rain drops hit the window glass and the AC unit housing beneath it—audio verification to what the visuals and olfactory senses had first alerted me: Yes, rain was on the way and some was now here.

rain puddleJust to be certain, stepping out the backdoor, I raised my palm to the sky and received yet another wet affirmation that the distant possibility preventing outside laboring had just become an actuality. My kinesthetic sense had made the final verdict loud and clear—yes, it was raining. (Yeah!)

My mind then released me from its industrious intentions—there would be no sense of guilt or shame at my outside inactivity when legitimate reasons (like it’s raining) had magically developed for me to now sit in front of my computer and write. One could even call it Divine Intervention if one wanted to stretch it a bit. And I did—I stretched it a lot. That’s why I’m sitting here now.

This morning’s rain event might seem a little mundane to even mention as a blog post, except I suddenly realized that the only human sensing device that I didn’t use this morning to determine my future actions was to stand outside with an open mouth to the sky and await a rain drop landing on my tongue—to taste it. That’s when it occurred to me what all was at play during this simple morning reassignment.

Our brain, the most amazing central processing unit (CPU) ever created, uses our individual sensing units to layers of braindecipher our surroundings, create mental intentions for our appropriate reactions to them, and then it sends electrical impulses out to our muscles for our physical responses.

Our minds have created extensive databases of information mainly based on our previous cause/effect actions that create desirable or undesirable consequences for us. The mind uses that behavioral pain/pleasure gauge continuously throughout each day and night to guide us in moment by moment responses.

Our memories, tinged with past emotional attachments to the situations that we have already faced, are the basis for that present-moment perspective filter we use to view the desirability or undesirability of each situation now before us.

brain 1The five senses and the emotions (which are both the energetic and the body chemistry reactions to whatever we encounter or perceive) alert the brain—and more accurately, alert the layers of the brain with their own individual functions and purposes to the overall CPU’s operation: from specific brain stem functions, to limbic functions, to cortex functions, and so on. There’s a lot going on up there that we take for granted until something doesn’t function as well as we hope that it would.

So when I first underplayed the importance of something as simple as a slight change in morning intentions or plans, I stopped myself in my tracks, and said, “Whoa, …look what really happened—look what my engirl in raintire body’s sensing devices told my mind for it to “let me off the hook” from doing that hard labor this morning. Maybe I should take just a moment to honor those sensing devices I’m so blessed to have and be glad that I’m not out there getting soaked to the skin—which I process as undesirable.”

There you have it—all this to say, “I wrote because it rained.”

That “What Did I Just Step In?” Moment

stepped in itI don’t know about you, but lately I’ve certainly been having a lot of those “Uh oh,…oh NO!” moments.

Some days it’s like everything you do just goes very wrong in some strange, unimaginable way.

When I find myself collecting strings of those physical in-your-face blowbacks, or “good intentions gone awry” situations, I stop whatever I’m doing and pull back for a few moments, …try to clear my mind of whatever I’m thinking about it all, …and then take a few deep, abdominal breaths to calm myself.

I do this because when you are IN the “flow” of life, things tend to fall into place for you—bountiful opportunities present themselves for your choosing, and life lays out effortlessly at your every footfall.

But when you are OUT of the “flow,” that’s when you really have to watch where you step because the gremlins of mischief and mayhem must have you in their sights, and you are going to find your life full of unexpected problems or “bad luck” situations: Those “Oh look at that amazing flock of geese flying overhead,” moments that instantly makes you target zero for unloaded “goose poop”.  Nice.

So why is this out-of-sync mayhem happening to us?

Overall, the general energies have been extremely wild and powerful lately. I and others have noticed difficulty in sleeping; and the intensity of emotional reactivity to any minor problem can quickly amp it up to a major confrontation. I find isolation to be my safest haven right now to keep from saying things I might later wish that I hadn’t.

It wouldn’t surprise me that personal relationships in general are taking some serious strain at present with these teeth-grating energies swirling around us.

So what’s going on? What’s happening in the ethers that is creating this funk and friction?

My astrologer guy Tom Lescher says it’s the planetary alignments rialcyone photon beltght now. And it’s not changing anytime soon. So deal with it by simply keeping your cool.

The fringe folks are saying that we are starting to pass through the Alcyone photon belt and it’s creating the sizzle for us, with more to come as we pass completely through it.

We’ll see I guess. Energy is powerful stuff, which makes it so imperative to keep your own frequency as high as possible: like peace and love, man. No arguments or fighting.

All I know is that I am really being careful of what I say and do right now, and I’m sign of good luckdefinitely watching where I step.

Bad luck doesn’t last forever, they say.

But while it’s hanging around, you should certainly take notice and refocus yourself frequently.

To Pick a Raisin

“After walking out grapes on vinethe backdoor, Elizabeth ambled off to the grape patch and decided to sit there on the ground until she could pick a raisin from the vine. Knowing that it might take some time for the grape to completely dehydrate, she closed her eyes, straightened her spine and began to meditate.”

“WHAT?” our rational mind protests. “You can’t just wait there until a grape shrivels into a raisin. It could take days. She can’t sit in meditation for days! That’s illogical.”

But the subconscious mind understood the story as metaphor for delayed gratification and immediately got the message from it. Elizabeth knew what she wanted, was willing to wait for it, and considered the wait-time as soul-nourishing and acceptable. It isn’t meant as a literal interpretation of events; it’s a hypnosis device called an Ericksonian metaphor.

Just to be clear, this brief story isn’t about the “dreams deferred” of Langston Hughes’ classic poem “Harlem” or the amazing 1959 Broadway play by Lorraine Hansberry, called “A Raisin in the Sun.”

This story is about how metaphors, particularly Ericksonian metaphors, access that inner systems program that runs our life—which is our subconscious mind—the behind the scenes controller of almost everything we think and do—from how we perceive and interpret the world around us, to how we react to those perceptions, because sometimes we automatically think someone is referring to one thing, when they are instead talking about another.

I was actually providing my own childhood memory of walking out the backdoor, going over to the grapevine area between our backyard and the garden, and sitting down waiting for the then tart green grapes to ripen to sweet burgundy for eating. My grandmother had come over to me sittingrapes-or-raisinsg there and said I’d be waiting a long time for that to happen—like days; and I said I’d wait.

Of course I didn’t. Kids have no concept of time. But my grandmother also told me back then that if I waited there long enough, those grapes would miraculously change to raisins. I later learned that “miraculously” meant to dehydrate in the sun and shrivel on the vine. But miraculously sounded so much better.

Miraculous is how hypnosis works. I admit that hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) absolutely fascinate me. That’s why I’ve been trained in those techniques.

I’m fascinated with them because so much of our lives we believe the world around us to be one particular way, and seldom comprehend that the world around us is how we perceive it to be. It is our perception of the world that makes it the way that it appears. And our perception is very changeable.

In the last 9 paragraphs I have shown that how you perceive and decipher what is presentemilton ericksond to you can be easily manipulated and refocused toward a desired conclusion. That’s the beauty of Ericksonian metaphors: It’s like being driven around the countryside by your eccentric Aunt Betty, who after hours of wrong turns and harrowing near misses of both stationary and moving objects, she somehow manages to find her way back to your home just in time for dinner.

The desired effect is: early suggestion of delayed gratification, food references as rewards for patience, proposed childhood memories to trigger your own childhood memories substantiating suggested premises; and last effect is to refocus your mind on how your perception miraculously creates the world that you experience.

I mean, seriously, …Aunt Betty was just too erratic to drive anyone, including herself, but it’s strange how she always knew when it was time for dinner at our house. I’d call that Selective Craziness; and it worked for her.

High-ground Perspective

“High above the valley, crouched on a peak concealing any view from below, the lookout squinted into the morning sun, watching the early activity in the intruder’s camp far, far beneath him. From this secluded perch, he could see miles in all directions—see what was coming before it got there—allowing preparation time for his fellow band of tribesmen.”

ImageFor every century over the last 10,000 years, the above scenario could have been written as factual documentation, instead of fiction—it existed anywhere there were intruders into someone else’s home region, with regional tribesmen claiming that territory as their own.

For all, the high-ground gives perspective advantage over those who have more limited range of vision. It’s a tactic utilized by surveillance scouts and snipers in present-day military units. But with the present-day use of drones and satellite surveillance, there are simply fewer eyes squinting into the sun and fewer bodies in camouflaged garb hiding behind the rocks.

In more philosophical terms, when someone refers to that high-ground perspective, it is often called moral superiority—a place of higher ethical and professional standards of consideration and conduct—of one being capable of seeing the “bigger picture.”

What high-ground perspective actually may be is subject to individual interpretation; but overall, it refers to perceiving a situation from a more distant and longer-range vantage point—where consequences of all subsequent actions are first weighed and assessed before proceeding appropriately.

So much of our present world-wide energetic chaos makes it difficult to achieve that high-ground perspective to see what is approaching in the distance so we can more appropriately prepare for it. All we can tell at present is that everything is one big mess.

And the drones and satellites can’t really scope out this dilemma, because it is often a moral issue, and a ‘trust’ issue, and an “only time will tell” outcome. It’s a test of being true to our own inner beliefs on what is right for ourselves and for others; as well as a test of how well we can hold inner peace in the midst of combative environments, around and even within us.

Change is change. It comes, it affects, and it leaves everything and everyone different in its wake.

If we can perceive the situation around us from that high-ground vantage point to see what awaits us in the distance and to prepare for that inevitability, then we at least feel that we have some advance notice of what to expect in the future.

But when we can’t see that far ahead or that far afield, then we can only take what occurs when it occurs. And that is perhaps the hardest aspect—to let go of any apprehension within us, and simply allow the situation to unfold as it will, because larger forces of change seem to be at work in the process.

I’ve been talking about the energies of chaos and change for some time now, because that’s the energies that have been engulfing us for months, and some would say, years.

So how do YOU handle change—especially intense change? I think many of us would prefer to handle it better than we are at present.

For doing that, my suggestion would be to take a deep breath, re-center yourself, do some meditation on feeling at peace; and then ask yourself what you really want in your life. Once you determine ‘what you really want in your life,’ then make that your focus. Let the rest of the world sort through whatever is happening in whatever way it needs to happen, and simply focus on your personal goals, by staying as calm and centered as you possibly can.

Take that high-ground perspective and see what there is to see when you can see it, but when you can’t see that far into the future, then simply wait patiently until there is actually something to see.

“The Times They Are A’changin’”

That title is an old mid-60’s Bob Dylan song, but it’s still applicable because the times definitely are changing now; and all of us are changing as well.Image

Sometimes things around us change, and we have to do like-wise; and other times for some reason, we change inside and it forces outside changes around us.

Sometimes we don’t even know what is changing, but things around us seem different and we feel differently about things, and the world seems different to us in some way, even if it doesn’t initially appear to be so.

This morning I read someone’s opinion on what is happening energy-wise during this year of 2014, and in many ways I agree with their take on the situation, pertaining to the kinesthetic feel of the energies around me this year, as well as their intuitive read on what I sense is happening to all of us and our situations.

We’re getting ‘all shook up’—(thank you Elvis)—and it is a major rug-shaking experience that is shaking us out of our collective apathy and lethargy, and helping to clear our vision so we can shift perspective for the next phase of change in all of our lives. Because believe it or not, the times really are changing and we have to be able to recognize that change and utilize it to evolve our consciousness to match it.

People change, situations change, relationships change, associations change,….and like a river, life just keeps flowing onward to the sea. Stagnation really isn’t possible now, because change is being forced on all of us. It’s a bit like getting caught in a flash-flood. It’s just a question of how willing you are to change direction to avoid the disaster before you or to plow forth into the waters and futilely struggle against the overpowering current.

Change is change. It just IS. And sometimes, it is necessary to change.

I imagine it will affect all of us in the near future, and perhaps it is already doing so; and to this I simply say, “The Times They Are A-changin’” and like it or not, so are all of us.