“Nobody Said It Would Be Easy”

lunar eclipse

Has anyone noticed the strength and force of the energies the last few weeks?

Or perhaps you might have noticed a change in interactions and the intensity of world events. Those changes are often easier to spot.

The astrology folks attribute it to something “squaring this or that planet” that will stay in place for a very long time. (As an Energy Worker, I tend to care more about the general reason for the energies that I’m feeling at the time, than the details of what may be creating it.)

ocean waveIn essence what most astrologers are saying is that our little boat can expect choppy waters ahead for the next year or two as we seem to be navigating through an ocean of strong, energy cross-currents more so than riding a single-direction river flowing from upstream to down.

Time to stock up on Dramamine!

In fact, the best way to plan for this extended aquatic journey is to put your life-jacket on now, secure the supplies so they don’t wash away, and learn how to bail out the boat whenever it starts getting too water-logged. Expect to be challenged in all possible ways. Learn how to handle adverse situations beforehand.divine light

Preparation is the key to success, and a good plan starts with maintaining a good attitude. Keep your energies high-frequency (love- and light-based) and power-up frequently (involves recharging yourself with Divine White Light in meditations and guided journeys).

Stay focused on positive changes in your personal life, no matter the situation that you actually find yourself in; and refuse to be deterred by those who try to weigh you down with their defeatist diatribes.

There is only ONE point you need to keep foremost in your mind now:

You are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to do—so just do it!   (This was my actual mantra slogan for many previous challenging years.)

Just lettough your own light shine through any darkness you may encounter ahead. That’s why you came—to bring light to the darkness. 

That’s why we are ALL here now—to hold our own light as high-frequency and as strongly as we can for as long as we need to do so.

You can do it.

“Tough times don’t last—tough people do.”

So Many Questions

Seems like the older I get, the less I think I ever did know.

It isn’t that I’m losing knowledge along the way. It’s more so I’m realizing that those certainties I once felt about life in general, really weren’t. There are no genuine life certainties to be had; and life isn’t what it once seemed to be in the brashness of my youth. It’s just not that simple.

The sureties and certainties that we repeatedly tell ourselves ddelusionaily are often indicators of some deeply-guarded delusions created by the egoic mind. They are “deeply guarded” for a reason: we base every facet of our lives on those core beliefs—everything from WHAT we do, to HOW we do it, and most importantly to the WHY we do it aspect.

While this sounds a bit ridiculous to think that we are basing our lives on such serious inner fantasies, it actually means that to us they are NOT fantasies at all because we consider some of our deepest beliefs to be above intense inspection or reconsideration.

Those are the core beliefs that we aren’t going to change our opinions on without ample evidence to their flawed nature, because we’ve already invested far too much thought and emotion into them (as have our parents invested their time drilling them into us from infancy onwards).

We grew up believing in these things—being force-fed these things in some instances, and even now, those beliefs tend to bolster our mental concept of WHO we are as a person and WHAT we want (and deserve) from life—hence that’s why they are considered CORE beliefs.

To CHANGE a cobeliefsre belief is to create before us a sudden swampland-crossing where prior we had stood firmly anchored on solid psychological pavement. That fast-dissolving sense of inner solidity and environment framing, no matter how imperfect it may later be proven to be, made us sure of a purpose to our life and even provided us tangible future goals of creating a better life for ourselves and for our loved ones—i.e.: good jobs, lots of money, quick advancement, supportive families, the GOOD LIFE, etc..

You’ll recognize those swampland-crossings as unexpected illnesses, divorces, deaths, job losses, financial upheavals, addictions, assaults, betrayals, etc.—anything that suddenly shifts your perspective out of the “my life is flowing smoothly” steam of living and into sudden and complete chaos where firm-footings no longer exist.

That’s the point where your core beliefs come under the greatest inspection. If your beliefs help you through the toughest life issues without losing your sanity, they may be solid ones. If not, you will likely be searching for greater solace in a different belief system; and you’ll also be questioning whether your earlier beliefs were in fact, delusions—things you told yourself because that’s what you wanted to believe, NOT because they were true.

I can’t speak for anyone other than myself on this matter, but over the many decades of my own existence my personal beliefs have evolved—sometimes year-by-year. Learning to think for myself from college onwards was a major step in becoming my own person, rather than remaining the person that my parents or childhoquestionsod authorities tried to mold me into being.

And for many of us, that’s what “coming into our own” is all about—finding our own way rather than being told which way to choose, or how to act, or who to wed, or what to do with our lives, etc. Moving out of our parents’ and authority figure’s shadows is the most important first step that many will make toward establishing their own sense of purpose and destiny.

That being said, there are only a few guideline questions I might suggest if you are searching for the right path for you:

  • Is it a path based on love and compassion for yourself, as well as for all others?
  • Is it a path that makes you feel happy about yourself and how you spend your time? (NO GUILT allowed on this path.)
  • Is it a path that nurtures you, and gives you a deeper sense of expansion and future possibilities in THIS world, not the next one?
  • Is it a path that allows you to grow and BE who you truly are?
  • Is it a path of FREEDOM—or are you forever tied to the expectations of others?

These are a few questions that I would have found helpful to me when I was in my early twenties trying to decide on my own path to take back then.

bike of freedomIf you are so inclined, you might try them on for size and see how they feel to you in YOUR life right now.

Life is amazingly short, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Find yourself (and your true calling) early and enjoy every moment of your life daily.

A Sense of Direction

compassA 360-degree pivoting-on-one-foot scan reveals a large problem: there are so many possibilities for forward movement and yet no idea which direction to choose.

Without some sense of purpose or a specific goal in mind, we may simply head out in the direction of least resistance or head in whatever direction the prevailing wind might be pushing us.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Perhaps it depends on the intention behind it.

As kids we often heard: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

At the time, I’m sure that many of us had an answer or two that might have changed from year to year or month to month, especially depending on who asked us the question and how important to us that person was—because for certain, we didn’t want to disappoint a parent or a respected authority figure—so our answers back then were often meant to impress others and create positive feedback for us.

kids drawingsTo be a child contemplating our future possibilities for personal success and communal respect without really knowing how easy or hard it might be to do the job, was a bit like making the child’s future decision on what felt momentarily intriguing and important for career prospects, but likely left us clueless on the details of how to get there.

So our childhood future-goals changed frequently and were often tried on like vacation outfits before packing for the trip. How does this look on me? How does it feel—too confining?—Too restrictive? Will I get oohs and ahhs from those who see me? Will I be the object of mass adoration; or will I get uggs and OMGs parading around in those duds—ridiculed and pointed at for wearing the wrong thing around others?

path availableThroughout our youth, schools tried to provide a structured environment with more “realistic” goals for our future, but depending on the “career possibilities range” made available to us back then, we often felt far more limited in possibilities than we did as kids with the whole wide world stretched out before us in every direction.

I am happy to see that many of today’s youth can truly feel the future is wide-open to their every inclination for personal besting, and that a 360-degree future-career possibility is within reach for most of them.

But disadvantaged youth in impoverished communities still might not feel that optimistic and buoyant about their futures. However, compared to what future prospects might have been for them 40-50 years ago, there is still a far greater range of opportunity and dream-scape available to reach toward with a little extra outside encouragement and obstacle clearing for them.

Helping kids find a sense of direction and feel a deeper purpose to their lives is important for an enlightened society—a community that cares about the strength and stability of its membership.

How we all meet the challenges of the future depends completely on the quality of the community members stepping forward to create that future.

Let’s help all children see thesmilesir true future possibilities and not be subject to what might seem easiest at the time, or leave them vulnerable to the strength of those prevailing wind gusts.

So Many Lifetimes, So Little Peace

Wouldn’t you think we’d get it right about the 20th life experience ipast lifento it instead of being midway through 10,456 previous/simultaneous lives and STILL working on our same old issues?

This is one of the most difficult aspects for me to understand when I’m conducting past-life explorations with clients, or even in considering my own multiple lives throughout time and non-time. This question:

“Don’t we ever get it right once in awhile so we don’t have to keep doing this same unpleasant lesson-stuff?”

Evidently not, for most of us.

  • What does it take to finally “prove your worth” to yourself and to your personal deities?
  • How many grad-courses in “suffering” or learning “unconditional love” do we really need?
  • And how many times over the course of eternity must we experience this replay of human emotions versus untenable circumstances?

In Buddhism or Hinduism, being freed from maya (the “great illusion” we call reality) is the ultimate goal, as is liberation from the Samsaric Wheel of Life, Death, Rebirth. Here’s a little Wikipedia explanation of it all:

Buddhist wheel of lifeSaṃsāra (Sanskrit: संसार, Tibetan: སམསར, Wylie: khor ba, Standard Tibetan IPA: [kʰoːwɔ], Sinhalese: “සංසාර), is the repeating cycle of birth, life and death (reincarnation) as well as one’s actions and consequences in the past, present, and future in Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, Jainism, Taoism[1] and Sikhism.

According to the view of these religions, a person’s current life is only one of many—stretching back before birth into past existences and reaching forward beyond death into future incarnations. During the course of each life the quality of the actions (karma) performed determine the future destiny of each person. The Buddha taught that there is no beginning to this cycle but that it can be ended through perceiving reality. The goal of these religions is to realize this truth, the achievement of which (like ripening of a fruit) is moksha or Nirvana (liberation).”

So I guess that means if we are still here doing our thing, we haven’t “self-realized” enough to liberate ourselves from having to continue to “do our thing” here on earth (and in other realms and places).

For myself, what I’ve noticed when conducting a past-life exploration session for anyone is that prior to the session, I always ask the person to have a particular “issue” in their present life that they would like to explore further during the session (something that isn’t working well for them, or something that continually bothers them, or a problem aspect that shows up in their relationships, etc.). Then during the deeper part of the hypnosis journey, I have the person ask their Higher Self to SHOW THEM lives that can help them better understand why that same issue is still replaying for them.

The client then walks through a doorway into a very different life showing different examples of the same present-life issue. We explore it thoroughly, then I ask for a second lifetime, and the client gets another completely different life—different time period—different setting—even different gender at times, and “the issue” then replays in a different way.

Again, I ask for a third life, and the client gets another example, completely different time, place, and people—all with little life-dramas exploring the many facets of that same issue—from all sides. The weird thing is that I think I could just keep asking for another life example, and I believe the client would just keep receiving them.

(And for the record, if that client came back next week, and asked about a DIFFERENT issue, they would get completely different lives and quite different examples. It’s pretty amazing.)

So from my point of view, having conducted the sessions, and in turn had some conducted on me, I guess I want to ktree of lifenow “When is enough, enough?”

According to the tenets of Buddhism and Hinduism, you are freed only when you can recognize the illusion of living and have no need to explore the issues further.

I guess my point is “How many more lives do we really need to find peace within us and to no longer need the personal drama perpetuating around us?”

Maybe I should have the client ask their Higher Self to show them examples of being perfectly at peace and feeling completely and unequivocally loved.

I suppose there might be fewer of those lives.

Long Time No Write

There are simply times when one has nothing to say. And if all those who truly had nothing to say would just not say it, we’d have a much quieter living environment. Not to mention there would be far fewer mindless TV shows on the tube.

Maybe there would be less violence if we didn’t feel the need to openly express our unsolicited opinions to others who definitely did not want to hear them, and who also vehemently responded back to us about our “erroneous” beliefs.

Perhaps we’d have less need to form support groups with those who share our views for issues of importance like poverty, human welfare, and the sharing of resources. Maybe there would be less venom in political parties for those who don’t see life exactly the same way that we do.shhhh

Silence may be a virtue, but it is also a necessity at times because when we are so vocally expressing our “side” of an argument we aren’t hearing the other side at all.

And that may make the difference between better understanding the overall situation and simply ignoring those who disagree with us.

Just sayin’.

Spring Is In the Air


While I know these same sentiments can’t be said by everyone everywhere, for myself it felt REALLY good to have an unseasonable 80-degree day yesterday in Iowa farm country in mid-March.

Yes, SPRING is fast approaching and everyone in my world is jumping for joy. After yet another winter of ridiculous snow amounts and below-zero temperatures, the season is finally changing,…as are we all, …whether we are as aware of the changes, as we are of the weather improvements.

I mentioned in the previous post that I was shifting focus both personally and in my blog. And although I can’t exactly pinpoint at present where my NEW focus lies, I can say this: I feel it is the dawn of a new day for all of us, I will attempt to describe here why I believe that to be true.

I’ll even list the reasolar flaressons, because we like lists. (It makes it look more official.):

  • We are all units of energy, constantly in motion and in various stages of expansion and contraction. The increased solar storm activity over the last decade, and especially over the last year, has been and still IS affecting us by amping up the electrical charge in our auric fields to create a more powerful personal presence—a more powerful energy field around us, when we interact daily with each other.

What that means is that stronger energy field makes us better defined as distinct, individual energy units, and more capable of standing strongly in our own power now than we were prior to the super-solar activity. It initially increased our combativeness, as might be expected, but we’re moving through that phase and into a calmer, more resolute, higher-frequency one.

It also means we are now less likely to be “absorbed” into the stronger fields of others (or adversely influenced by them). We have our own opinions, our own beliefs, and we don’t need others telling us how to think and feel. We feel more personally secure in our own knowledge now and less needful to defend ourselves from the opinions and combativeness of others. We stop making “their stuff,” our stuff.

We can hold our own with greater ease and comfort now; and that matters because we are moving from cult- and group-driven behaviors to individually-responsible behaviors. We are now more independent and more democratically inclined, as opposed to being autocratically-inclined. It might not seem that way at present, but the pendulum is in motion swinging strongly for freedom and independence for everyone, …everywhere. You’ll see. This will be a pivotal year for freedom world-wide. That I know.

  • Also, the global, lake-turnover energies that I discussed in earlier posts are smoothing into a higher-frequency wavelength, creating a more harmonious environment for us; which will in turn lessen the intensity of the statically-charged energy around us. And it will also lessen the inclination for those energies to disrupt all social interactions, unmasking all imposters that we might encounter. Imposters are doing a fine job of revealing themselves thanks to the increased light penetrating their own dark recesses. They can’t hide any longer. They’ve been outted by the intensity of the light. And that will continue.

We will welcome this new, more pleasant frequency resonance as it has a “coming home” feel to it. You will instantly recognize it, as you will ‘feel more at peace’ when it happens. Inner agitation will simply cease and you become genuinely calm and assured with a new-found sense of certainty that defies logic. That’s your true intuition kicking in. You will start relying more on that under-used intuitive sense now.

When this occurs for all, …and it will, …we will see and think more clearly than we had previously, and wonder why we didn’t “see those things” before that we now find so obvious to us. That’s called “a SHIFT” in consciousness. That’s what we are experiencing on a grand scale now. The SHIFT is actually occurring right now—we are IN IT at present. I’m not just shifting focus—WE ALL ARE SHIFTING FOCUS AT THE SAME TIME.

  • I’ll list one more thing to ponder before closing this post before it becomes a Homerian epic: Ah yes, speaking of the Greek poet Homer, Odysseythat is an appropriate reference. His tale was of the “Hero’s Journey” myth of Odysseus (Ulysses) the Greek King of Ithaca—returning home from the Trojan Wars. “The Odyssey” as it was called, implies that all he and his crew endured on the fateful journey was not just atonement for indiscretions, but was requirement from the gods to prove the warrior’s worth and sacrifice just to return to his homeland.

The good news is that Odysseus, the King, did make it home in tact, just as we have made it back through all the pitfalls and hard times we have faced over this last decade leading up to this momentous shift in consciousness. We are there now. We have arrived! It may not presently look like home, but it is.

The world is shifting higher, just as we are shifting our consciousness out of the need to force our opinions on others.

ageofaquariusAs this Spring season dawns on 2015, I predict that you will start to see the sprouting of new, more collaborative and more joyful experiences for everyone. This IS truly the dawning of a NEW AGE that we’ve been long awaiting.

Yes, just like my old album musical “HAIR” declares: It really is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

I’m certainly ready for it. How about you?

Expectations vs. Reality

einstein quoteSuch a strange time lately for all of us. It’s hard to get a handle on what is really happening in the world or what we wish would instead happen, because it is all so complicated now—collective living, that is.

Relationships are complicated. Associations are complicated. Life is complicated.

Even for the individual, most would say that life rarely turns out like you expect that it will. Life more often turns out like it simply does—for better or for worse. People come and go in your life: some you care deeply about, others maybe not so much. They cycle in and out of your awareness and concern. Sometimes you have a choice in the matter and other times, you don’t. That’s just how it is—that’s LIFE, you say.

Your circle of influence and relationship expands and contracts throughout your lifespan, while you learn the joys, as well as the pain, of loving and caring about the welfare of others besides yourself.

Throughout this process, eventually we all learn that life is an endless loop of give and take, come and go, want and don’t want. We learn to accept the veiled aspects of uncertainty and change in everything we do, as we adjust our sights on putting our next foot forward from wherever we are presently located.

In a state of confusion you might have even asked yourself, “Where do I go from here?” To which I would question, “Well, where are you at present, and where have you previously been?” Those are two answers you will need to first know before setting off in a new direction.

Some would say that we can view our lives as that “play the hand you were dealt” thing, but in another sense we choose the cards we add or subtract from our hands during the entire game. So we all make choices along the way. Often the winning hands are the results of making good choices. The best card players are those who learn quickly from previous mistakes so they aren’t repeated.

And no matter what we expect to happen in our lives as the result of our efforts, we also know threality dogat sometimes those expectations just don’t materialize in quite the way that we had imagined or had hoped that they would.

That’s called the difference between expectations and reality. What it implies is that reality disappoints and seldom meets your unrealistic expectations.

What it should actually mean is that perhaps your expectations were based on fantasy and improbability, or perhaps even that the Powers that Be had something else in mind for you, because REALITY is not what it seems to be.

Reality is far from REAL. So it is pretty hard for you to have expectations of something that is a momentary collective consensus opinion, and is not set in stone like we often think that it is.

Reality is a perception. Reality is also a frequency with which we align ourselves and resonate.

What that means is that IF you shifted your frequency higher than your present ability to perceive “reality,” you would likely view a different reality. That’s the entire point of the anticipated collective frequency-shift higher: We will be participating in a different collective reality, and hopefully one less fear-based and more love-frequency focused.

Is that collective frequency-shift to a higher plain simply another unrealistic expectation—is it fantasy-based?

Not in my reality, because I can already feel it happening.

How about in yours?

Inbrain what world do you wish to live: a world of fear-mongers and hatred-spewers, or a compassionate loving place where people care about and help, rather than hurt, each other?

To me, it’s a no-brainer that I prefer the loving place, but it has to be a collective effort to hold the frequency of that world for everyone. I can hold it for me, but I can’t do it for you. That’s something you will have to choose for yourself.

I choose a love-based reality over a fantasy expectation of it, because I CAN also choose the reality that I live in, so I hold that higher-frequency in my thoughts and actions.

What thoughts will you hold today? Which reality do you choose?