Shifting Focus

Well, we all do it—shift our focus over the course of our lifetimes.

Guess I’m going through that shift myself at present. So I am contemplating how to present that focus shift in my blog which was originally meant for a purpose that no longer applies—working in a healing group where I was mainly highlighting my own offerings.

The most likely change that I will soon institute is to start over fresh and eliminate all the posts showing at present. In essence it will seem to be a new blog but I won’t feel the need to “push” my training so much. Meaning, it will likely be more philosophical than instructional, and less didactic as my life seems to be moving in that direction—less teaching and personal practice of my skill sets.

We’ll see where that goes. Tomorrow is another day and who knows where my head will be then.  🙂

But change is coming. That I know for certain.