When Your Good Laptop Goes Bad

The “Oh NO!” hit me a week ago when I tried to start my laptop that had been sitting idle for a few weeks. The only thing worse than an loadingicon.jpgeternally spinning “loading” icon is when eventually even that won’t come up.

No idea why it funked out, but it did. And everything I tried to trick it into loading the emergency-start-up option, etc. simply refused to work—I had to contact a real ‘fix-it’ guy.

I’m sure everyone has (or will have) their own version of personal technology going bad, but when it’s your own, there is a sinking feeling in your stomach that lets you know ‘I should have done this or that, but I didn’t.’ Or ‘I’m always careful with it—it won’t happen to me.’restoredisc.png

Let me emphasize this: It happens.

First thing the repair guy says is “Do you have a system-restore backup disc or flash drive?”

Eh…. do I or don’t I? Not for the laptop. No.  And I’d been fortunate in the past that I’d been able to resolve my own computer problems, but this one was beyond my meager abilities. However, if I’d had the disc, I’d have only needed to insert it in the DVD drive and it would have self-restored.

So my advice to anyone reading this is to create a RESTORE backup device for your computer, no matter what you are using. It’s a small price to pay for security when the unexpected occurs.


Not to mention, it’s considerably cheaper.