Those Dissin’ “Chaos” Energies

(Pertinent repost from May 23, 2014)

Noticed a bit of discomfort lately in situations, relationships, and personal endeavors? It might be the malingering effects of the dysfunction-creating  “D’s”—those discombobulating chaos energiesdolphin waves rainbow we’re swimming in at present, with two of the most noticeable aspects being dissonance and disruption.

For those of us who are energy sensitive, we know the feel of these disturbing energies when you’re in them. Once-normal situations now seem tense and potentially explosive. People you normally associate with walk around frowny-faced and withdrawn, preferring to be left alone—with you being one of them.

Easy to tell that this isn’t a fun environment to be in or near; and that makes for yet another “D”—difficulties.

So what is going on in the world right now?

The likely culprits are some very weird energies coming in to the world at present, and those strange oceans of energy that we are all swimming in seem to be chaos energies. It’s easy to recognize chaos energies because they create lots of upheavals and uncertainties wherever they are present; resulting in all those previously mentioned “D’s,” which are so obvious right now whether at work, at home, communally or personally.

What is perhaps even more distracting is the sheer strength of these latest chaos energies which are straining relationships and creating sleepless nights for many of us who are so energy sensitive.

I asked a dear friend who is also a highly-intuitive energy-worker, for her take on what is happening because I was having a hard time getting a clear read for it myself, and she said it’s all about balancing the new energies coming in to our world at present—energies that are meant to be dissonant and disruptive to shake up the old systems—the old ways of operation—and create the opportunity for change: for both individual and world-wide change.

So if you find yourself immersed in this kettle of funky, murky energy that seems to keep stirring things hotter for you, maybe it’s time find a way to turn down the heat and let the situation cool a bit. Chill out. Walk away. Shift your focus for awhile.

As someone recently wrote, “Just because you’re invited to an argument, doesn’t mean you have to accept the invitation.”

But if these chaos energies continue to be so strong and continue to adversely affect us, perhaps we need to learn how to handle these powerfully disruptive energies in more calm and constructive ways, to prevent all those “D’s” from leading to one more: disaster.

If there was ever a time to learn how to hold your own center and keep your cool in adverse situations, this is it.  So my suggestion is to meditate more and spend some quality time in nature doing vigorous activities to burn off that excess energy flooding our energy fields at present; and by all means, simply relax….just relax. Sit back and take it easy for awhile.

These energies will shift again in a few weeks, and hopefully they will be more pleasant and nurturing by then. Just try to use these present disruptive-energy aspects to clear things from your life that have long needed to be cleared, but for some reason, you just couldn’t let them go.

Try again! I bet in these energies you CAN let them go now!

ImageClean out the basement or the garage, stack the trash bins full of all that old “stuff” you’ve accumulated and kick it to the curb. That’s what these energies are good for: Clearing out the old to make room for the new.

The Chinese kanji representing “Chaos” means many things. But the greatest positive effect it represents is the “Opportunity for Change.”  And that’s the whole point of this present world-wide energy scenario: CHANGE.

Getting Squeezed

compression.pngIt’s been hard for me to verbally describe what the energies have felt like lately, both for me personally and in general.

It wasn’t until I heard a vlog today from an astrologer/psychic Lindy Cowling on “2016 The Year of COMPRESSION” that I agreed with her: these energies do feel like “compression.” We are being compressed, squeezed. I know that for months I’ve been feeling lots of unseen pressure from all sides and a density building within me that is both stifling and frustrating.

Tempers are flaring all around—and not just my own. Even the sun’s intensity is nearly overwhelming at times; and it’s no surprise that solar storms are raging at present.

Of course when this type of solar activity increases, it likewise increases the power and impact of the energies around us and within us, which then leads to tense situations, relationship blowouts, and violent group activities.

But you might ponder: SPIRITUALLY and ENERGETICALLY why is this happening right now?

Well actually it’s been under way for quite some time. As I mentioned in a previous post from November 2015 (“Strangeness Notice #537”), I think we are being purified—our psyches are being bleached to remove all the old stains—we’re being put through the heavy-duty wash cycle, spun in a mind-numbing, centrifugal force until we have released all those memories and stagnant energies that we have refused to let go of prior; and now we are being tumbled about under intense heat until we finally burn away the nasty, energetic residues.

We are energy-beings, pure and simple. This is how you purify energy: you raise the frequency and increase the power. That’s what higher-frequency, electro-magnetic lightwave energies do. The higher the electro-magnetic lightwave frequency, the more powerful the effect.elmf.jpg

And as I had also mentioned in my October post just prior to that one, the astrologers were predicting that this higher-frequency, purifying, energy cycle will last at least an entire year—so we had better prepare for turbulent waters ahead.

My guess is that’s what is happening at present. “Turbulent waters” is a misnomer here. We’re presently getting smashed about like a dingy in open water during a hurricane.

baby and bcDramamine would have sounded pretty good about now.

But what Lindy Cowling was describing in her vlog was that the “compression” was actually as in a birth underway. We are re-birthing ourselves into higher-frequency, energy beings. She says that’s why we are feeling so “squeezed” as we are passing through the birth canal into that refined form of higher-frequency human.

So hopefully we’ll all be popping out into the light of a new day soon because this intense pressure from all sides is pretty hard to take while keeping a smile on your face.smily squeeze.jpg

Mine looks more like a grimace.


Solar Flares Create Undesirable Sizzle

flares in spaceSince it’s been raining here for about two weeks (probably related), it’s harder to notice the intensity of the sun, but when the clouds do part for a time we get glimpses of the awesome white-hot power blazing above us created by the solar storms this past month or so.

Even folks in the middle of Iowa this week are noticing the northern lights, and like Scott Kelly mentioned from the space station a few days ago: they were Kelly's northern lightsred—unreal!

So what is happening up there? Why so much hyper-magnetic, solar storm activity on the sun?

I can’t even begin to know that answer. But I do know what I’ve been feeling here on earth because of all that extra energy and electrical charge—I’m absolutely sizzling inside. I’ve even had to use some black tourmaline stones to pull the excess energy out of me over the last two nights just to get some sleep.

Here’s my advice for those who are presently suffering through tremendous tests of patience and personal demeanor:

If you want to save your relationships during these major solar storms affecting the earth over this week aclenched teethnd in the future, you better Super-glue your mouth shut now or be on guard that uncontainable nastiness will explode from between your pursed lips or clenched teeth at the slightest provocation, because everyone is feeling the power and strength of these high-charged particles around us.

Keep in mind that sometimes silence is golden.

But right now, it is absolutely necessary for your health and well-being.