I ran across this word yesterday in a crime novel and not knowing its meaning, I web-searched to find:

“having a ready insight into and understanding of things. SYN: discerning · shrewd · perceptive · astute · penetrating

Ok, …great.  Never knew what it meant, but now I do. So do I use it in every third sentence, or will it slip off my mental horizon as quickly as it emerged?

Yes, it’s more likely to be the latter case especially because in today’s world, perspicaciousness (the intelligence manifested as being astute) is rare.

Who needs to be exceptionally perceptive? How about insightful? I mean where will that get you, eh?

A knowing, penetrating gaze—capable of seeing through deceptions—of what value is that in our lives?

Certainly we can trust everything we hear, and see before us, can’t we? I mean when is discernment ever valued?

For example, would a President or his spokespeople ever intentionally deceive us?

Would some news outlets use their media platform to spread lies or carefully sherlock.jpgmanufactured propaganda like some autocratic dictatorship trying to keep its people in line?

Would disinformation ever be spread by either side of a political campaign to destroy all confidence in the voting process of a democracy?

Well of course not.

That just doesn’t happen in America, right?  What with all our FREEDOMS of press, religion, speech, right to bear arms, right to peaceful protest, etc., those nasty blotches on our freedoms cannot possibly exist, can they?

Yes, I can see that this new word “PERSPICACIOUS” will be gone from my mind as quickly as it arose, because there simply is no need for it.

All is well.  I can easily see that.

Independence Day for All People

Patriotic music sets the backdrop, with eager crowds growing more restless by the minute, fireworks.jpguntil the first “whoosh” launches upward spraying sparks and colored contrails into the night sky.  After the initial blast, more rocketing whooshes split the night, followed by more booming and banging, and intertwining fingers of phosphorous flame cascade everywhere. The audience’s “ooohs”  and “ahhh’s” to each explosive burst above followed by the squeals of children’s glee.

Happy Birthday America!

While we aren’t alone in celebrating a national day of independence, yesterday happened to be our day. And it was loud and noisy as usual where families gathered together, friends laughingly reunited amidst smoking grills—it was a hot-dog scented afternoon with milling people and lawn tables full of food and beverages.

Yesterday individually, and as a nation, Americans celebrated our hard-won freedom from autocracy; and I do believe that most Americans wish that same privilege for every people of every land.

statue of lib.jpgWe as a group of freedom-loving people wish for ALL people to be able to celebrate their own freedom from oppression and tyranny, because freedom doesn’t come freely—it never has and probably never will be freely offered to the masses.

It requires the sacrifice and the dedication of one generation for the future one to initiate the movement; then it requires that the future generation do the same for the next generation following them. In essence, it’s a continuing process of constantly paying it forward.

I also think that most Americans do understand this generational compact, and that is one reason that most of us are willing to fight to maintain our national liberties and personal freedoms at any cost—even the ultimate cost—by giving our lives to keep ourselves and others free.

But the most important thing about this hard-won freedom is that it requires us to be respectful of those who have sacrificed prior so that we may enjoy this present. That respect should never be taken for granted or lightly cast aside for personal advancement.camus.jpg

ALL people have the right to be free. ALL people have the right to gather in common cause for support of common goals and societal advancement.

And ALL people have the right to live as free beings with equal and just consideration for their welfare and the welfare of all others.

It isn’t about fighting for the sake of fighting. It’s about fighting for the right to celebrate who we are as people and why we join together in common cause—for the sake of personal liberties and the right to determine our own fates.

Terrorism doesn’t stop freedom-lovers. Nelson-Mandela-Freedom-Quotes.jpgIn fact it is the very reason that FREEDOM-LOVING PEOPLE exist. 

Too bad anarchists and extremists don’t understand that simple key fact. All they are doing with their feeble attempts to destabilize our societies is to substantiate our resolve to maintain them.

Freedom doesn’t come freely—but it burns in your heart forever.


“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree (the Tree of Knowledge). flag skyAll these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.”
~ Albert Einstein

~ Art “Our Banner in the Sky”  by Frederic Edwin Church



Wake Up Alice! …This Rabbit-hole Trip Is Getting Old

Alice and rabbitTo say that this is a very strange time is the understatement of the age. The degree of pot-stirring in previously untouchable subject matter is both mind-boggling and jaw-dropping. It is totally cringe-worthy!

And as much as I would like all the world-wide chaos to settle down, and for the world to be a calmer, more enjoyable living environment for all of us, I also think I understand part of the necessity that it is the way it presently seems.

I wasn’t kidding earlier about the disruptive and penetrating energies coming in now being similar to lake turn-over in my post of “Upside-down and Sideways.” Energetically that’s what this really is—a time of skuzzy-bottom content rising to the surface for purification and clearing—which is neither pretty nor pleasant for anyone; especially for the fish—with which we now have a much closer association.

The Paris terrorism situation has created a reactionary back-lash that now resembles bait-the-bear. And you know what happens when you entice the bear with a juicy morsel tied to a nearby tree? Sure. The bear can’t resist the tasty temptation, and it becomes an easier target to catch/kill. I understand that part. But I have a few questions, as well.

Is this nasty situation creating over-reactions on both sides of the free-speech, “no subject is off-limits” issue? Yes.

Is this “cover-as-bait” really a calculated tactic that only time will show whether or not is effective in drawing terror cells out of hiding to “avenge” the perceived publicized insult?

Was that the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff’s main intention with the latest cover art—to draw out the terror Voltairecells that still might be hiding nearby? Hmmm…..I don’t think so.

I think they were just standing up strongly for freedom of speech, which is their right, as it is anyone’s right to decide their own beliefs and opinions. You don’t cower to a bully—you face them down at the start, or you will be constantly cowering ever afterwards. That is what I think the magazine’s staff were doing—just taking a very strong stand for their own freedom of speech. How their actions were perceived, is up to individual interpretation.

Did the Pope need to chime in with his two-cents worth on punching someone who might be insulting his mother or his religion? No. But he did. Talk about mixed messages in that little media exchange…. “violence is never acceptable—but I’d punch you if you insult my mother or religion.”

So where does that leave the rest of us who are on the sidelines, watching this mess unfold as it is likely going to unfold—violently, gruesomely, and chaotically in nations, states, and cities world-wide? Yes, we are simply shaking our heads and expecting the worst, but all hoping that this world society grows up sometime soon and stops taking itself so seriously. It’s like living through adolescence all over again.

On the other hand, that same energetic lake turn-over effect that throws everything into chaos also brings the forbidden subjects to the forefront of public attention to see whether there really is a smoldering fire within them, or just a lingering, still-smoky, half-wet pile of leaves there that hasn’t yet burned through all the combustible material.

It is loudly emphasizing the basic questions of what makes any religion the basis of a deeply-held belief; and are the religious beliefs/doctrines justifiable if they pit one group of people against other groups of people?

Red QueenI would expect these issues and subjects will become mainstream topics for the next year or so, as we will likely have more opportunities to examine their reactors’/detractors’ actions and reactions to the on-going saga.

Personally, I request for someone to PLEASE show Alice the way out of this never-ending rabbit-hole, or at least please nudge her awake. The Red Queen is getting a bit out of hand here.