A World Mid Change

Lisa Brown.jpgI was listening to an excellent webinar yesterday by Lisa Brown, energy-worker/psychic/medium/someone who really knows the subtle fields of energy, and finally heard someone who is completely in tune with what is actually transpiring in the energies around us—in tune with what is happening to us—in tune with what it really means to us if we pay attention to these overpowering energies. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQZx17f3Tcw&feature=share )

After awhile, she began describing the strangeness I had personally been experiencing lately:  The sudden visual distortions, the flashes of movement in my peripheral vision, the scenes with full audio suddenly playing in my quiet mind of someone’s daily life that doesn’t correspond to mine, the really strange dreams—the “Am I going nuts or what is really happening?” general daily experiences of this life for me of late.

And she explained it slowly, deliberately, and with enough corresponding evidence toshifting human.jpg make sense. We are mid dimension shift…from a lower frequency world to a higher one. Meaning that if you can shift your consciousness high enough you simply cease to view reality in one dimension and view a different reality…a world and players who vibrate/emanate at a higher frequency than the world you previously experienced. Whatever frequency you can tune yourself into and hold in your awareness; that is the world you will experience. But doing so is a choice we must all soon make.

Of course this isn’t going to be an explanation that everyone wishes to believe—and of course also, this isn’t going to be believed by those who can’t personally experience the energetic changes underway.

From the moment we, as babies, were able to hold conscious awareness of our surroundings, those who directly interacted with us told us what the world was like beyond our fingertips. If we saw or perceived something a bit different than their stories of what the world was like, we were corrected and told to view it differently—more like how ‘the cultural collective’ perceived the world to be.

frequency headWe were trained to see the world a certain way—trained to believe the world acted toward us in a certain manner—trained to believe that our perception must match what others perceived, or something was wrong with us. Many who saw/felt/experienced something other than the cultural collective’s accepted perceptions were sent to psychologists and psychiatrists to be retrained in how to perceive the world that we shared.

But personal reality and the collective’s reality weren’t always in lock step with each other—in decades past it was simply less accepted to have a different personal reality than the collective.

What is happening at present is that the collective itself has shifted high enough to shake the boundaries on what is considered the norm of perception. There are enough of us who are energetically enhanced to say, “Hey wait a minute—just because you can’t see what I see doesn’t make me wrong in seeing it.” Psychic and medium shows are standard fare now, and it took those perceptual differences to go mainstream for energy sensitive folks to be willing to stand up and stand out for their enhanced perceptual abilities.vibe frequ explain.jpg

When enough of us can perceive and hold a higher-frequency reality for the smaller cultural collective who are more energy sensitive, then the smaller, higher-frequency collective can shift into a higher dimension of existence.

However, this isn’t an elite club.

It simply means that what you focus on is what you perceive in and receive from the world that you inhabit. Like Dr. Pillai in the previous post saying basically the same thing, except he was trying to appeal to people’s material greed and emotional commitment to creating the wealth and abundance available with such a focused mind and conscious attention to obtaining that goal.

higher see.jpgSame principle here—construct in your mind the most beautiful, peaceful and loving world you can imagine and hold that world constantly in your perception—see that world around you—focus on only those aspects of the world you desire and call it to you—that is how you shift your energies higher and maintain that focus throughout your every day and night.

From a more personally pragmatic point of view, it means I’ll have to stop writing about the lower-frequency idiocy so abundant in the world we Vibe high.jpgpresently share, and change my focus to higher-frequency subject matter, such as this post.

That’s fine. I can do it.

And so can you.


Shifting Gears for the Climb

I first noticed it early this morning around 6:30am. Then by 9am, it became more obvious, and by 9:30am I was certain that I could tell it was actually happening: We were slowing down—time-wise. Time seemed to be passing much slower this morning than it had been previously. I’ve been doing a lot of “not-doing” lately, so I know when time is passing even slower than it did yesterday.

The closbik on hillest analogy I can manage to what is likely occurring is to compare it to the mechanics of a ten-speed bicycle as the rider approaches a steep hill. He shifts to smaller gear sprockets so the speed and energy expenditure of his feet-on-the-pedals rotations remain pretty much the same, but the sprockets that best handle hills are smaller diameter, making the bike tires do fewer revolutions—meaning, less ground is covered per foot rotation but pedaling is still fairly easy on the rider.

My assessment on this perceived time slow-down is that we were likely downshifted for the incline ahead—slowed down in motion and effort for the difficulty of the slope that we are attempting—which could be associated with consciousness ascension or just the general collective shift to a higher state of being.

I might have just blown off this perceived time discrepancy as fertile imagination today had I not noticed a similar phenomenon maybe a couple years ago—one day it was like everything around me suddenly time-dropped to a slower noticeable pace and my normally accurate internal clock went haywire with the discrepancy until I adjusted to the change.

Back then as today, the clock on the wall had hardly moved 15 minutes when my mind’s timer kept saying “This can’t be. At least an hour should have passed. How can it have only been 15 minutes?”

And it wasn’t just me noticing it back then—others noticed the same thing and wrote abike gearsbout it in their blogs. So I’m expecting this “gear-down” today to be acknowledged as well. I think we’ve just been down-geared for the difficulty of the climb ahead.

I have no idea how long the path up this steep hill might be, but hopefully the scenery at the top makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Let me know if you notice time moving slower today. It should be interesting to see if others picked up on it.

Purposeful or Purposeless?

treeheadTalking to a friend yesterday, we were commiserating about our daily/weekly activities or with me, the lack thereof, and I mentioned that energetically, it seemed to be a very strange time for me—a time of considerable inactivity—of feeling like I’m sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting for something that I have no idea what I am waiting for. She belly-laughed at that statement knowing that first and foremost—I am NEVER patient!

That was the first clue that something strange was happening, not just in my life, but everywhere. I’ve suddenly developed patience? The world seems to be flushing itself down the toilet, and here I calmly sit beside it, handing it more toilet paper?

Very odd.

I then mentioned to her it was almost like I was in a near-perpetual state of meditation where I participated in the activities around me, but with total focus on the mundane actions of living—shutting out all exterior stimuli, meaning: the world does its thing and I just do mine.

But you know how the mind is, it will not let anything rest, so my mind then questioned this present mode of not-doing: is this ‘waiting on the sidelines thing’ purposeful or purposeless for me (or for anyone)? And does it have to be one or the other?

Right now for me, all I know for certain is that it simply IS. That may be the whole point of the unintentional exercise. That Just Be aspect may be one thing to talk about or even to aspire to, but quite anlife swimmersother thing if you are actually living it.

In essence that’s what I am presently doing—I’m NOT DOING, I am JUST BEING. And I have to tell you honestly—it feels very strange!

However, right now, it also feels very necessary. And I’m assuming that it isn’t just necessary for me to be not-doing. It’s something we all may need to “not do” at present.

I’ve been around long enough to know that throughout our lives we will fluctuate between periods of joy and sorrow, hopefulness and helplessness; times of feeling so alive with life gushing from our every pore, and a time of feeling despair so deep that it nearly swallows us.

To be alive in this Earth plain of existence means that we will ALL experience these emotional roller coasters during our lifetimes: riding the extremes of happiness and sadness, up and down, over and around, until one day we hit this “Just Being” zone.

If you also are feeling this right now, don’t worry. This isn’t depression. This is the ‘in-between place’ in human emotion where you feel like you’ve become the willing observer to your life—the spectator/passenger riding beside an unseen driver, while you tour an amazing, never-ending landscape of sights too beautiful to capture in words.

So you just sit back and take it all in without judgment—just riding along in awe at the grandeur and scope of everything passing befdog on a rideore you, to the right and the left; fast approaching ahead and falling away quickly behind.

There aren’t many times in my life where I’ve willingly accepted that passenger seat. But right now, I do—knowing that on this particular trip, I am just along for the ride; and wherever our vehicle is presently headed, that is where I am going as well.