Embracing Change, …Or Not



Strange dream last night: I’m working with a group in an ad agency (one of my many careers was as a Graphic Artist), and we have this defined space for our “stuff” including wall décor and paintings above our areas—sort of our own individual territories within the building that we were located. This was a nice layout—better than any I had actually experienced when working.

The scene shifts to suddenly adding new people, and a truckload of “their stuff” comes in forcing the rest of us (maybe 3 or 4 others) into smaller, more compact spaces on the other side of the building—allowing the NEW folks to have the best layouts with great outside views that we all used to have.

As this scene morphs, I’m watching a new woman of tremendous natural, artistic talent paint a 3’ x 4’ mural instantly, with such precision and confidence that I am mystified at her skill and eye-hand control. I am so awestruck at her abilities that I tell her how amazing her work is, while she looks at me like “Who are you?”

I then wake up and wonder what on earth was that about?

As I’m just lying there staring at the ceiling, it starts to dawn on me that it was all about the ability to embrace change and to recognize that it wasn’t about me individually at all. It wasn’t about my losses or possible injustices due to new mergers or new management, or even being in competition with new talent and creative ideas that weren’t “mine,” or to stew in the natural resentments and jealousy that those situations often fester.

It was all about the ability to embrace change instantly and just “go with it” recognizing that sometimes things happen for the betterment of everyone even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. From a management view, perhaps new bodies and new juices were needed to kick-start a new direction or to create the climate necessary for a fresh perspective on the company’s purpose.

Clearly, the decision to add new people was above my decision-making grade in the dream and the only thing I could do in the situation was either accept the change quickly in that environment or resent it, fight it, and make myself miserable over it. Or I might have simply left to do my own thing, with all the tremendous change required in that process.

But one way or another it was about the ability to embrace change; and we do so not only to survive, but to thrive. Change is who we are from infancy onwards. None of us are the same height and weight as when we were born. Nor do we have the same reasoning ability and vocabulary.

Change happened or we would all still be noisy little bundles of flesh with dirty diapers—totally dependent on others for our sustenance, welfare and safety. We changed by growing into adult beings who could likewise create those little packages.

So change is not unfamiliar to us, but it isn’t always recognized as being such an integral aspect of the human experience, when it actually is.

Look at the electronics revolution over the last two decades: As a Graphic Artmac 512kist I started with a Mac 512k that took a start-up floppy and a program floppy to operate it. Now, Apple burps out a new system every 6 months and folks line up for days to spend hundreds of dollars (yet again) on the latest and supposedly greatest.

Change may not always seem for the better, but it is change none the less. It just is, and it will continue to be change tomorrow and the day after that.

So try not to fight all that change. Learn to embrace it, allowing it to work for your advantage by showing you a new way of being and doing, and a new perspective on life than you ever thought was possible, if you can simply let yourself change.

Stop all the grimacing and tightening yourself into knots at the very thought of it. Change happens. Let it. Look for the added value of change in your life—embrace the fresh start opportunity to see life again as you once did for the very first time—an adventure to explore where you might be stumbling forward in unsteady steps, but you’re feeling full of excitement and wonder at the mysteries lurking just beyond your chubby fingertips.

Reach out for change. It’s happening whether you accept it or not.

In Search of the Elusive Panacea

“Deep in the Amazon jungle, the intrepid explorers hacked their way through thick vegetation, endured sweltering and debilitating heat while trudging along writhing, parasite-infested trails, …all in search of the elusive Panacea.”

That darn Panacea. Hard thing to find, for sure.rainforest waterfall

First of all, where do you look? I mean, if no one has ever found it, where do you start your search? But wait, you might ponder, what IS a panacea?

Actually, that’s a very good starting point. A panacea is another name for cure-all, magic potion, or the solution to a problem.

Although some explorers have indeed found curative medical treatments derived from Amazonian flora and fauna, I don’t think the solution to all our personal, social and cultural problems lies in leech anticoagulants or “poison-dart frog” pain-killers.

I think that search has to be more of an internal one.

What I have noticed over the years of energy work, which includes REIKI, hypnosis, True-self Actualization, and just about anything else I do including my writing because it’s all energy work, is that most clients tend to think like their former medical professionals have trained them to think: You have a problem, you go to the Doctor, you get some pills, and one treatment should do the job—just get on with it and fix it quick—whatever their problem is.

Instead, what usually happens with clients is that we take care of some immediate energy imbalances and clear some blockages, maybe even make some interesting revelations on why they are where they are in life. I tell them what I’m intuiting about their situation from the feel of the energy they are holding and ask them some questions for them to later ponder that may spur deeper thought into the reason for their present problem.

I do this in hope that my clients will personally reflect on making some possible changes in their life to shift how that person is both perceiving their situations and reacting to them, because tainted perceptions and auto-reactions are key problem initiators, as is going against your own inner truth, especially when you know what that truth is.

But if the person then returns to life as usual, and doesn’t do the reflection and make the life adjustments in perception and reaction—or being true to who she or he is as a loving and compassionate person, then nothing really changes for them.

What I want to make completely clear to anyone is that there really is no such thing as a cure all—a one-trip solution to any problem, nor a magic potion that transforms someone’s life instantly and miraculously into exactly what that person wants it to be.

There are NO panaceas. That’s not the purpose of having a life on Earth.

Believing in life panaceas is like buying into the old “Snipe Hunts” of our youth: they don’t really exist. It’s just a ruse to get you out into the dark night with adolescent hormones running amuck.

Changing your life for the better takes a lot of reflection (meditation and journaling) and redirection (defining your goals and developing action plans to achieve them).

When you hear that “Life is a journey, not a destination,” there is truth and falseness to that claim. The truth is that over the course of your life you will try many things, attempt many relationships, and learn a lot about yourself and everyone around you. That’s the journey aspect—what you learn along the way.

The falseness of the statement is that Life actually IS a destination. You came here from higher-frequency spiritual dimensions to experience being alive in a human body and to amass greater comprehension and awareness during that brief process. You came to expand your consciousness. So, actually, your present life IS your destination this time around.

As for the elusive panacea to all your life’s problems, personal, social, and cultural, there is only one thing I can think of that might be considered close to it: Learning to love everyone, including yourself in all your imperfections, inadequacies and unfulfilled potential. We all have them. I think you’ll find that when you are happier with yourself, you can be happier with others.

So if there actually is an elusive one that exists—the one lone Snipe in the bush—then the only panacea that I know of, is LOVE.

Getting Your HOUSE Cleaned

I mentioned previously that I’m actually not a practitioner of astrology, but that I appreciate those who can really nail the energetic confluences happening to us and around us while it’s occurring.

In case you’ve been in a coma for the last six months and had no idea that we have been besieged by the largest influx of chaos and disruptions energies experienced in at least the last 30 years, let me assure you that those are indeed what we are still trying to survive, personally and collectively—regionally and world-wide.

Why is this occurring, you might wonder?

house_cleaningIt’s occurring because we’re getting our houses cleaned—like it or not.

And what houses your spirit or your soul? Yes,… your body and your mind are getting quite a work-over at present. Those little terrestrial beater-brushes are pounding away at you as the cosmic suction tube pulls off what can be removed from your energy field now. Don’t believe it? Let me give you some examples of what you might be experiencing.

Have you noticed lots of strange aches and pains lately? How about experiencing really odd situations that suddenly trigger very old memories, along with corresponding emotions attached to them—could even be childhood stuff? Those are pleasant, aren’t they? Yeah, …not so much.

For most of us, there seems to be an endless stream of memories and emotions rising for review and release now. I know that I’ve been blowing energies out many times a day just trying to get those sudden flashes of faces and incidents out of my head and heart—unpleasant things I hadn’t thought about in decades, are suddenly right between my eyes, refusing to be pushed out of my view.

We’re all going through this now in one way or another, and there really is no way around it. The entire purpose of those revisits and recollections are to release the blocking energies that are preventing you from shifting higher in consciousness. If you want to stop walking in the mud, you have to first step up out of it and then clean off your shoes to prevent taking it with you. You can’t keep pushing this stuff down any longer. It just won’t stay there because it’s time to release it for good.

In the broadest sense, I do understand what is happening to all of us, even as unpleasant as it may be, but I was glad to hear it verified by one of the top astrologers that I follow: a humorous fellow who never takes himself too seriously but is astute and amazingly accurate, Tom Lescher. See this link: the one for August 6th, 2014, to fully understand why you may have been feeling the way that you have. He gets into more details about what is happening to all of us about 9 minutes into it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2rFUw6RwVU&feature=youtu.be

To me, it feels like things are finally shifting more in line to where they need to be for these new, high-power energies coming in at present. But my guess is that the cleaning crew has only done the top floor, and is now working its way down to the basement. So, the house cleaning isn’t done yet. It’s just gone deeper into the subconscious stuff now—because that’s where you keep the old files—the old memories—the automatic reactions.

For your own sanity, just keep in mind that for whatever memories or emotions surface now, keep forcefully blowing them out with every exhalation until the emotional intensity lessens and you can feel lighter with the energy release.

And also please remember, that no matter how disrupting or even destabilizing this process feels to you, it is just a phase—a necessary house cleaning phase.

You can handle it, because we’re all going through it at the same time. It has to do with the higher-consciousness shift away from the need for pain and suffering. That’s why you don’t want to take that stuff with you. It’s not allowed in higher-frequencies, which is a good thing.

“5 Not-So-Effective Ways to Handle Difficult People”

Facebook is a wonderous thing. You can share and care, and laugh at stupid videos, and read someone’s off-the-wall ranting on something or other and immediately un-friend them (haha—showed you). And then other times the posts can be educational or inspirational, and I might pass them along to my friends who share my taste in posts (all two of them).

cherubs staring upwardSo when I saw the post of “5 Effective Ways to Handle Difficult People,” I thought, Oh yeah, …I gotta read that. Of course I did not assume they were thinking of me when penning the suggestions. No, …it must have been all those OTHER difficult people the author was describing because who ever thinks of him/herself as being difficult?

Trying now to recall the suggestions mentioned, I think they all had to do with either ignoring people while they are talking to you or pretending to listen to them while silently doing the Vulcan Mind-Bend on them to change their negative attitudes to something more positive. Is that really ethical or is that a bit manipulative?

The last suggestion listed was to simply stay away from that person—avoidance, in the extreme. Change jobs. Change states. Witness protection program. Something along those lines.

There. Problem solved. Now all those difficult people out there, who are evidently NOT US, are simply left to rant non-stop and be difficult with each other. Hmm, but isn’t that the problem just about everywhere in the world now? All those difficult people are being difficult with each other.

So I thought about it a bit, and decided that I could come up with “5 Not-So-Effective Ways to Handle Difficult People” based on what we see occurring world-wide right now. Here goes:

  1. Argue with them. Tell them how wrong they are and how right you are. Works really well, especially in political and religious arenas.
  2. Stake out your position and never, ever budge. This has been extremely effective in congress for the last 4-5 years. Do you think they consider themselves being difficult? Or do they call it principled?
  3. Show them who is boss. One upsmanship is so effective for further alienating others and festering long-term resentment within them. Beneficent dictators are still dictators who may occasionally have a malevolent day, …unfortunately for you.
  4. Belittle them every chance you get. Tell them what morons they are—what monsters, pretending to be human beings, their actions so blatantly display. Monsters like that a lot. It makes them want to show you how BAD they can really be.
  5. By all means, show them there are no win-win situations that will ever involve them in any way. Not as long as YOU have any say in the matter. That should really cement your relationship of dominance for you and submissiveness for them, if they ever agree to be submissive, which isn’t likely now.

I once had someone call me “difficult,” simply because I dared to say “No” to him when he told me to do something that I did not WANT to do and was not required TO do.

Well, I certainly don’t think I’m a difficult person for refusing to be intimidated and manipulated by someone else who was not my boss. But that’s probably why I was so interested in seeing the Facebook post of how other people should deal with ME—the supposedly difficult one.

To take it one step further, I would suggest that even viewing others as being difficult is perhaps less about them, and more about your own perspective on the relationship between you. Do you wish for a more desirable interaction with the person, or do you simply wish that they ceased to exist at all to make your life easier and less troublesome?

So to the person who actually wrote the post of how to handle difficult people, I’m sure she or he meant well, but handling anyone is manipulation at the least, and borders ill intent at the worst.

But then, what do I know about it? I’m difficult.

I Think We’ve Misplaced Our Manual

I’ve been a fan of R. Buckminster Fuller since my bachelors degree (long, long ago). Such a great man—such a great mind. In 1968, Fuller wrote one of the first inspiring booklets on ecological awareness called: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

There is a free PDF of the book to read if you look online. Not exactly a sedating bedtime tale, but interesting in its own right for the philosophy he shared back then on how to better maintain our “spaceship” as we travel these thousands of miles per hour circling our vehicle’s sole power source—the sun.

You might know of R. Buckminster Fuller for his geodesic dome theory that gave rise to many architectural structures still bearing resemblance to the largest beachballs one could ever imagine dotting epcothillsides and topping other standard structures. (Think Epcot Center-Disneyworld.) He made geometric discussions of the tetrahedron and the dodecahedron common cocktail fodder during his prime influence.

And if you’ve ever read Fuller, you know how challenging it can be to follow his mental gymnastics, as he filled every info-packed sentence with “thought qualifiers” that quickly turned a single sentence into a paragraph, and that paragraph then into a page. It’s amazing how the scope of his mind could consider every possible concept angle in one breath—if you could only exhale for 5 minutes straight.

By far his easiest book: I Seem to Be a Verb, was required reading for one of my early art classes. I assume the book, which was introduced at this time of our budding adulthoods, was to be helpful in shifting our naturally-narcissistic perspectives on life to focus on something other than ourselves.

From Fuller’s viewpoint, for the most part we tended to think that we are nouns or the objects of importance in the world, but he assured us it was only by our actions that we truly functioned and made a difference to our time of existence—particularly in the positive effects that we had on others, and on improving the quality of their lives

He believed that it is in making things change and evolve for humanity’s betterment, that we find our true purpose. Referring to himself as the trim-tab on the sailboat, he said that by making just a slight underwater adjustment in the boat’s navigation direction, the boat automatically changes course. And that was his chief intention.

That was his primary purpose for originally publishing the Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. He tried to shift our perspectives, to shift our thinking about how we operated this vehicle on which we live; this hugely-interactive, geodesic dome hurtling through space as it circles tBucky and domehe sun that supports our very lives in every possible way.

For many of us, he successfully shifted our self-focused perspectives, and subsequently changed the course direction of our future lives. His vision, I’m sure, was that all those individual, navigational changes would positively affect the entire world—making it a better place for all.

I hope he will eventually be proven right, but it looks like we have a ways to go to make that positive change happen for many.

Hmmm, ….maybe we should recheck our manual to see what needs to change.

Strange Stuff Indeed

Describing these wild energies engulfing us lately, including cosmic, terrestrial, and all this world-wide human-insanity; keeps me shaking my head looking for just the right words, until I find myself simply muttering under my breath, “….Strange stuff.”

Yes, that IS what these overall energies feel like to me: Intensely annoying, teeth-grating, strange stuff, for certain. Not the sort of thing you enjoy, unless you’re into electro-shock treatments. As an energy-worker who is used to the kinesthetic feel of energies moving through me, these energies lately feel extremely powerful (like the light from a 150watt lamp as opposed to a standard 25watt lamp power), and they are definitely patience-testing because they have everyone on edge.

At times I feel like I’m being connected into a low-grade electrical current that makes my hair stand on end. Then other times, it’s like I’m mentally enduring that fingernails-scratching-blackboard, inner-irritation feeling that makes keeping my temper under control such a challenge, especially when dealing with people who are feeling the same things that I am. I keep asking myself: What IS this? Why do I feel like this? There’s no reason for it that I can tell…..unless it is simply the energies in general at present.

So then I wondered if this “strange-energy stuff” is what is really happening out in the world. Is all that chaotic, nightmarish, craziness a world-wide energy shakeout to surface the deeply-hidden darkness for release?

Is this simply a time of world-wide cleansing and purification of hidden intentions; a time of reexamination and realignment of unified efforts toward establishing basic human rights and humane treatment for all; and a time of reassessing direction for a higher-consciousness course correction? I don’t know, but it is so broad-based that it almost seems higher-intention driven.

So what can pagoda lakewe do to maintain our own sanity and to help stabilize the world as it moves through this collective-consciousness cleansing phase?

We can pray for peace. We can meditate on compassion and forgiveness, and focus on simply allowing love to spread throughout the land. We can BE peace, to spread peace.

For each individual wishing to do this, I would suggest that you hold your own frequencies high, stay centered, and stay focused on peaceful resolutions to any personal encounter, as there will likely be numerous opportunities to practice that suggestion.

And just breathe deeply—slowly and deeply from the abdomen, and keep blowing out those old energies and old memories which seem to be surfacing now for release. That is the intention of the world-wide energy shakeup….to release that which has been kept hidden and guarded for too long—bringing our shadows up to the light—personal issues as well as collective consciousness issues. They can’t hide any longer because light is now penetrating all the cracks and crevices in search of them.

Here is a general suggestion that I make to my clients:

When a strong emotion rises up in your face and you want to react in some way to it, instead, say this statement out loud as you do that strong exhalation—blowing those emotionally-charged energies forcefully out of your lungs, “I release the energies of (anger, resentment, fear, victimization, sadness, etc…..whatever emotion you are feeling at the time) over this issue/memory of _______________ (can be a person or a situation, or a group thing). I release it completely NOW. ….I let it go. …It is gone for good NOW!”

Then keep blowing those emotional energies out with each exhalation, until you feel the actual emotional release, and feel the memory’s intensity lightening for you. For every issue/memory that flashes up in your mind for view, just keep doing the same things—blowing them out—until all of the pent-up energy has been released from those old memories or the old conflicts. It works for me. Hopefully it will for you.

Please keep in mind also that for most of us, the world situation is out of our hands. All we can work on at present is our own attitudes and our own energies. Being angry about things wherever they are occurring only makes it worse energetically, not better, so turn it all over to a powegold white dove in flightr greater than yourself, and focus solely on controlling your own stuff, rather than fretting over the world’s woes.

Better handling our own problems is a big enough battle for most of us anyway. We actually have to BE at peace, to spread that peace to others. That’s a hard enough thing to do right now.


Good thing I’m not in charge of the world.

I’d have a really hard time assessing the changes to be made. It would be very hard NOT to judge all others by my own standards of concern and conduct. I mean, if that person over there didn’t match my mirror-reflection, how could I ever trust him?

For me, it would be hard to look at someone’s outer appearance: their swagger, their flashiness, while listening to their motor-mouth spewing trash-talk strong enough to gag a skunk, and NOT make judgments about that person’s home life, or relationships, or her attitude about life in general—even if I’d never spent actual time with the person.

Even in knowing that being judgmental and critical are perceptual faults, how could I ever be truly objective about a situation when I’m actually viewing it subjectively and interpreting what I’m experiencing through all of my own life-long filters of interpretation, before making a decision?

I really don’t think I could; so I’m glad I’m not in charge of the world.

It would be hard for me not to express the belief that we ALL share universal wants and needs at the core of our being:

  • We all want to be happy—however we personally define that.
  • We all want to live free, be productive to our world, and feel safe within it; to be well-rewarded for our efforts and well-protected from harm.
  • We want to feel like we matter to others and to the world around us.
  • We want to be appreciated and adored for simply being ourselves.
  • We want to know that we have friends who genuinely care about us, and
  • we want to feel like we are trustworthy people who others can also rely on and depend on as well.

That’s probably why that I’m glad I’m NOT in charge of the world.goldenwhite swan

When there are so many people whose basic needs and wants are not being met at present, it would be hard to imagine a future outcome other than one of total chaos and wide-spread discontent; and I’m not sure there is a wall high enough to keep that discontent at bay for long.

So perhaps another solution is in order that doesn’t involve killing and destruction, and making people even more miserable than they already are. Is anyone willing to consider that solution?

That’s probably WHY I’m NOT in charge of the world. Or even want to be.