The World Is Our Mind’s Reflection

Just listened to a short excerpt of Hota Kotb hodadeepaktoday.jpgon Today Show doing an interview with Deepak Chopra pertaining to his new book: METAHUMAN, and thought I’d share a few quotes that caught my ear.

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Deepak:  “The best advice I can give…is don’t take yourself seriously.  You’re here today and gone tomorrow.”

“If you are taking yourself seriously you will be offended by others for the rest of your life.”

“The whole purpose of our existence is to find our own joy, to experience and maximize the experience of love, and to then find some meaning and purpose to our existence, and to be healthy.  And that is all.”

“Everyone is doing the best that they can from their present state of awareness.  Everybody is doing the best that they can from their own (behavioral) conditioning, which goes back to their childhood—what they heard from their parents.”

“Anytime you look at the world, you are actually looking at a reflection of yourself.  So when people criticize you, they are actually reflecting what they think of themselves.”

(She asks him: ‘In this moment where are you?’)

Deepak:  “I am at peace…I am totally at peace.  It’s easy.”

She responds with, ‘You’re right though—that’s all there is. What are we sweating?’

“Yes, take it easy. (Don’t automatically react to negativity or criticism around you)….We become biological robots constantly being triggered by people and circumstances, into predictable outcomes.  That’s a terrible way to live. You’re at the mercy of every stranger on the street.   They say something nice; you are flattered for the rest of your life.  They say something nasty; and you’re offended for the rest of your life.  What a way to live.”

To which she repeats: ‘What a way to live.  You’re right.’


2 thoughts on “The World Is Our Mind’s Reflection

  1. As I get older I become more and more aware of this. I think it’s hard sometimes to Remember not to take things so personally or seriously. When you can laugh at yourself life becomes so much easier doesn’t it?

    • You are very right. It does, but it’s not always easily done.

      I can usually self-correct and quickly pull myself out of a ‘temper-snit’ over someone’s unkind words or actions; but to NOT be affected by them to begin with when they first occur, is much more difficult–(probably because I can FEEL the intensity of the energy behind the words or actions when expressed). So I really have to intentionally step back and detach myself from the situation or the memory of it, and then remind myself that this was far more reflective on them and whatever they were going through at the moment, than it was on ‘wonderful me’ who can do no wrong. HA! … Yes, not taking oneself seriously is key to making it through most social interactions. We’re all just stumbling around here–trying to find our way through the fog of life. Hopefully we can learn to do it more cooperatively and less competitively. Life would be a lot smoother and way more fun.

      Thanks for responding–hope things are going well for you!

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