Eckhart Tolle on “The Dark Night of the Soul” Experience

tollemictalk.jpgIn this short video, the questioner asks about his personal experience with ‘the dark night of the soul’ (which I thought was the most powerful part of this video and the main reason that I listed it here) and his sudden spiritual awakening because of that complete reality break.

The questioner then asks Eckhart about that ‘merging into Allness’ experience that he was suddenly immersed in where he lost his sense of identity and watched himself and his thoughts as they arose, as though they were separate from him.  Eckhart briefly mentions his own DNOS experience and then comments on the aspect of mind expansion into Allness and total awareness.

Eckhart then comments with a well-used quote on the nature of awareness itself: “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao.”

Awareness is indescribable, incomprehensible.  We experience only minute portions of the pool of total awareness.  Our personal comprehension of awareness pertains mainly to sensing our own life experience—how we perceive the world around us and ourselves in relationship to that world and to all the aspects of it, living and non.mysssarknightquote653

The thoughts we have about our personal experience are only our ego trying to make sense of its existence within the matrix portion of awareness that our human sense-making organ (our individual mind) can comprehend.  When we surpass our personal boundaries and tap into the Greater Awareness, we no longer THINK—we simply observe and ride the flow wherever it goes.  We don’t compare experiences for goodness or badness. We simply observe them as they arise.

We input without judgment or expectation or anticipation or attempts to define anything.

It can be an amazing experience of peacefulness and lovingness.  And it can also make you feel like you are losing it completely.spiritawaken67

So I like to temper my descriptions of the spiritual awakening or the Kundalini awakening experience with bits of how disruptive it can also be to your normal daily affairs and relationships.  If you listen to Eckhart, it took him years to come back to our mutual-consensus reality, and even then it was never fully back to the life that he once knew.  He was forever changed—for the better maybe, but let me tell you from my own experience, getting to that BETTER may not be an easy slog.

So be careful with your own spiritual awakening practices. Make sure you have a support team around to help you back from your space launch so you don’t burn up in the atmosphere on reentry.  Yes, some ‘dark nights of the soul’ (if they don’t kill you) can lead to kundalini awakening and reunion with the Oneness and Allness from which we emerged. But they can also be grueling, gauntlet-running, sanity-testing, limits-of-your-endurance experiences that are handled best if not faced alone.  ramdassdark night.jpg

I think in today’s world the hazards of sudden spiritual awakening are more broadly understood than a few decades ago, but there are few who have not personally experienced it for themselves who will ever relate to how bad it can get before it gets better. So if you are going through your own ‘dark night of the soul,’ look for others who can best help you through it.

That’s why I’m writing about it now.


4 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle on “The Dark Night of the Soul” Experience

  1. Interesting perspective on spiritual awakening and how it can leave you estranged frmo the world and people you know, perhaps. And that sometimes it gets worse before better. They say the night is always darkest before the dawn. Another excellent post.

  2. Thanks again! You are too kind. And I think you are my ONE reader. HA! I always appreciate your comments, and just want people to know that during these really difficult times, especially energy-disruption times for those who are more empathic or energy sensitive, that there are good reasons for feeling what many are feeling and it isn’t always a personal reason for it. Sure, we all have our own “stuff” that we deal with, and sometimes that personal “stuff” can be nearly overwhelming in itself. But then you have all this political chaos daily–and the astrological energy-lineups that DO exist that affect our overall energy environment–affect the ocean of energy that we swim in–and that can be every bit as disruptive as someone creating negativity near you.

  3. Hi. I loved your article which really resonated with me. I’m going through this tough time myself, and it just seems to get worse and worse. I’m finding natural therapies and support mechanisms, but ultimately time will even things out. I can’t help but be saddened by the political commentary though. Can’t you have Trump supporters (myself included) who are good-hearted, kind, spiritual people, looking to be awakened, just like some Democrats. It’s a shame to bring your political views into the picture and it frankly makes me think twice about your article. People are turning more and more to Trump-type politicians all over the world, and are at the same time more spiritual. They don’t have to be mutually-exclusive traits.

    • Hi Ed. Thanks for the comment on the Tolle article. I sympathize with anyone going through their own dark night of the soul. If anything, I try to provide other information sources for those who are going through difficulties–and for certain I never claim to be the one who knows all the answers to life’s most difficult questions. And pertaining to the other comment, again I thank you for your opinion even though you are saddened by my Trump commentary. And while I could defend my opinion here, I do understand that we all walk our own paths. I am human with human emotions. I do have opinions on my life and my world, as do you–some things we may agree on and others we may not. I will try in the future to keep my posts more positive in general because that is a good way to view life. So with my opinions of our President aside, is there anything I can do to help you with what you are presently experiencing? Are there any subjects that I could explore more fully that would help shift your soul-awakening funk?

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