How People Think

I saw this graphic and smiled because I liked the image of a person with similar hair style as the tree top trying to understand the tree’s perspective on LIFE given its growth situation.howpeoplethink.png

Left to your own without the text, you can interpret the image itself in many ways, as I just did.

Then the text under the image may lead you in a direction that you hadn’t initially considered, and your mind then decides to settle on something in between the text meaning and your first impression of the image.

Is the text saying that we think the tree should be growing straight and true, but instead it is leaning leftward before reaching for the sky?  Is the person trying to understand that directional shift? It may not be growing as straight as we think that it should be but it is still growing and functioning. Does that mean that nature functions differently than we think that it should?

thoreau quote.jpgThese are all speculative interpretations. Much of life as we perceive it is due to our own interpretation of what we see around us. That personal interpretation is built on so many factors, like how safe we feel at the time, what kind of history we might have with a similar situation, who we are with, why we are in that particular location viewing what we are viewing, not to mention what we were once told about how we should view everything we see around us; i.e., are we tied to certain beliefs about our existence and our place in this wild and crazy world?

Personal attitude means everything in how we interpret our world. What are we looking to understand about our world? How much do we really want to know anything beyond how it directly affects us?

What is our attitude toward being in that particular situation or encountering something similar to it?

Why would we care or not care how the tree grows? Is that leaning a natural aspect of that particular tree’s upward growth? Is the tree overcoming a serious wound near its base that stunted the growth cells on one side but allowed full growth on the other side of it so that it grew abnormally stronger on one side than the other before self correcting a few feet  from the ground? Is this some metaphor on overcoming personal difficulties?

Again, why would we care?

To me, if the person in the image did NOT care, she would NOT be mimicking the tree lean. But that is also just my interpretation.

And if we, the perceivers of the situation did not care, we would ignore it completely and not give it a second thought. But to “ignore” the setting and situation refers again to the meaningful-silencetext message of the image: “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.”

So what did you think? Did you try to understand anything about the graphic itself, or did you just blow it off? Was it meaningless or meaningful to you?

And does it matter which it was?


3 thoughts on “How People Think

  1. My interpretation is seeing yourself in nature. As the same, as part of it. Empathizing with a tree. Which isn’t easy when we are so removed from nature in our daily lives (most of us. Def myself). Hence, we don’t think in line with nature and natural law. We think in terms of our own delusions.

    I love that you noticed the woman as “caring.” That’s important, because we have to make the effort to empathize and bring ourselves in tune with the world. I feel like your blog does that too btw!

  2. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read what I write! And I, like you, have trouble keeping my thoughts/emotions out of our present political/social reality. I have to continually refocus my mind to not make this constant political insanity a part of my daily life. I care about our world–I do care about nature and hope we don’t eventually destroy it. I care about our democracy and the constant erosion of norms in democratic values–the assaults on the constitution–the judicial system–I care about helping to rebuild the influence of people who aren’t old, white, and power-hungry. But I also know that whatever we make as our focus is what creates our world–our reality. So I try to keep moving toward those deeper issues of why we are here to begin with, and what we are really supposed to be learning from all this mess. I want to see the BIG picture–the OVERVIEW of all overviews. But I don’t know if I’ll ever see it and still be alive to tell about it. That may be a perspective seen only after this earth-based experience. Because of my work in Past-life and spirit-world explorations, I’ve caught glimpses of the behind the scenes machinations, but not the entirety of the process or reasons that process is conducted the way that it appears to be. Those are the questions that still drive me to ponder the very purpose of our existence. …Otherwise you’d be reading me daily ripping the ongoing political saga. And all that would do would be to raise our blood pressure. ha! Thanks for reading.

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