A Confluence of Events

Nothing invites chaos faster than proclaiming certainties.

No, the USA elections result isn’t because of a superstitious curse—the Cubs winningc-goat the World Series didn’t simply pass their “curse-goat” to the Democrats.

Last night (or early this morning), national news pundits began the election autopsy even before the critical battleground states were ceded. Something just wasn’t falling into line in every state’s rural-area voting totals; and all puzzled over what they were trump 2.jpgseeing until a deeper realization set in—Trump really was going to win.

The joke that we thought was his bid for the presidency, was actually on everyone else.

I can honestly say that this particular joke didn’t seem very funny last night—nor does it this morning.  But it is what it is. And you simply move forward from this day on just like I mentioned in my October 25th post. No matter who would be elected, it only mattered that it “makes life safer, better and happier for everyone.”

Time will tell, I guess.

Then I noticed that after listening to a few stunned morning-news people, I sighed and actually felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Yes. I could now pull out and gwbreuse my old response to every whining criticism I ever heard about President George W. Bush’s antics and actions from 2000-2008:

“Don’t tell ME about it—I didn’t vote for him!”

There……  I feel better already.


3 thoughts on “A Confluence of Events

  1. Hi Rebecca, well I can offer an outside(r) perspective: at least the chances of WW3 is now greatly reduced… That means we are all going to live!! Reason to rejoice. (Yes, US elections affect the whole world and it is disappointing to have watched how few voters consider that factor). J.J.

    • Interesting perspective, Jean-Jacques. Those of us who did NOT want him as President feared he was MORE LIKELY to create the WW3 situation since he is so explosive and bombastic–very short-tempered–even bragged on using nuclear weapons against Middle East factions. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

      • Hi Rebecca, a WW3 scenario can only happen between countries, not “factions”, so clearly if he said that it as meant to be taken with a grain of salt – however, the ongoing situation in Syria is a different ball-game. I feel much more comfortable now and will be sleeping easier.

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