It was so fitting—so appropriate for the energies of this time period that we are presently experiencing.

money flush.jpgA few days ago our toilet backed up when flushed sending instant panic through me as I watched the water rising ever closer to the bowl rim.  Luckily it stopped before overflowing, but those are the moments when you realize how instantly susceptible to life’s little surprises you can be.

Risking the “too-much-information” explanation, I will say that those of us in rural areas tend to have septic tanks buried out beyond the house perimeter to contain and disperse waste waters, rather than using a city’s sewer lines to which most folks are accustomed.

And those of us who DO have septic tanks know that after a few years of usage, those tanks need to be pumped out (also fortunately there are companies that do that particular septic-tank servicing). Once the storage tank is pumped out, it usually takes care of the “toilet won’t flush” problem.

drain lines.jpgBut occasionally, there are those property owners who can tell horror stories of what happens when their septic-tank, water-drainage lines plug up and have to be re-dug.

Yes, in essence the drain-line trenching firm “reams you a new one,” both financially in your pocket book and aesthetically across your carefully-manicured property. It looks like giant moles invaded your yard digging huge, mounded tunnels extending a hundred feet in three different directions.

Or as I will call it: “Welcome to my Monday.”

But even as the trencher grinds away out there spitting our carefully-coiffured grass into unbreakable clods and large dirt piles, I can’t help but recognize the metaphor playing out before my eyes:  Sometimes our energy bodies are so built up with energy blockages and stagnant memories/emotional triggers that we have a hard time releasing those things that no longer serve us. We have a hard time “letting go” of the wastes that we need to flush out of our minds and our lives.

Right now throughout the world, these are the “blockage-clearing” energies that we are energy cleaned.pngexperiencing globally, regionally, and personally. We’re all energetically getting our pipes cleaned and our drain lines reamed.  And it isn’t usually pleasant to have this done either mentally or physically, but it NEEDS to be done so we can eliminate the toxins from our lives.

The good news is that energetically, this cosmic purifying/purging phase won’t last forever; and that eventually once the wastes are finally gone, we can reset our lives in a new and more productive direction—preparing us for the next adventure, or exciting discovery, or educational experience that helps us to grow in awareness and to evolve in understanding.

new day.JPGBecause that’s the true advantage that proper “flushing” provides us: It gives us a clean, fresh start for the next phase of our lives.


Or as I also will soon call it: “Hello Tuesday.”

Getting Squeezed

compression.pngIt’s been hard for me to verbally describe what the energies have felt like lately, both for me personally and in general.

It wasn’t until I heard a vlog today from an astrologer/psychic Lindy Cowling on “2016 The Year of COMPRESSION” that I agreed with her: these energies do feel like “compression.” We are being compressed, squeezed. I know that for months I’ve been feeling lots of unseen pressure from all sides and a density building within me that is both stifling and frustrating.

Tempers are flaring all around—and not just my own. Even the sun’s intensity is nearly overwhelming at times; and it’s no surprise that solar storms are raging at present.

Of course when this type of solar activity increases, it likewise increases the power and impact of the energies around us and within us, which then leads to tense situations, relationship blowouts, and violent group activities.

But you might ponder: SPIRITUALLY and ENERGETICALLY why is this happening right now?

Well actually it’s been under way for quite some time. As I mentioned in a previous post from November 2015 (“Strangeness Notice #537”), I think we are being purified—our psyches are being bleached to remove all the old stains—we’re being put through the heavy-duty wash cycle, spun in a mind-numbing, centrifugal force until we have released all those memories and stagnant energies that we have refused to let go of prior; and now we are being tumbled about under intense heat until we finally burn away the nasty, energetic residues.

We are energy-beings, pure and simple. This is how you purify energy: you raise the frequency and increase the power. That’s what higher-frequency, electro-magnetic lightwave energies do. The higher the electro-magnetic lightwave frequency, the more powerful the effect.elmf.jpg

And as I had also mentioned in my October post just prior to that one, the astrologers were predicting that this higher-frequency, purifying, energy cycle will last at least an entire year—so we had better prepare for turbulent waters ahead.

My guess is that’s what is happening at present. “Turbulent waters” is a misnomer here. We’re presently getting smashed about like a dingy in open water during a hurricane.

baby and bcDramamine would have sounded pretty good about now.

But what Lindy Cowling was describing in her vlog was that the “compression” was actually as in a birth underway. We are re-birthing ourselves into higher-frequency, energy beings. She says that’s why we are feeling so “squeezed” as we are passing through the birth canal into that refined form of higher-frequency human.

So hopefully we’ll all be popping out into the light of a new day soon because this intense pressure from all sides is pretty hard to take while keeping a smile on your face.smily squeeze.jpg

Mine looks more like a grimace.