That Thankful Time of Year

Gratitude and appreciation are good anytime, but around Thanksgiving it becomes very popular, if not culturally mandatory. And that’s fine.

I feel much gratitude every day, so this day and the day that turkeys fear the most, are simply additional reminders of how fortunate so many of us are to live safely in warm dwellings with ample food on our plates; and to be thankful also for occasionally having others around us to share in our abundance.

Remembering fun holiday times with family and with friends, whether still present or long since departed, is to relive laughter spilling over at the dinner table like too-full wine glasses raised for toasting good fortunes and continued comradery. These simple times are perhaps the best memories we will ever retain throughout our lives.

We sit, during this joyful celebration of a meal well-shared, impatiently waiting with forks poised mid-stab, to hear “just one more” of those boisterously proclaimed, long-winded wishes made for continued happy times together and for the promise of even better tomorrows for us all.

So for those who gather close with friends and family during this festive season, or for those who may shed a tear wishing that they had them around to be together again, may your holiday wishes be all that you have ever imagined, and may they indeed become all that you ever hoped them to be.

But if those “good memories” aren’t exactly what your Holidays ever were, then it’s time to make some good memories to replace the old not-so-good ones!mad mags family dinner

Keep in mind “creating new GOOD memories” is always an option, for as the adage goes: While you can’t choose your family, you CAN choose your friends. And good friends can make for a good chosen family!

It’s really about caring and sharing whatever you have, and about seeing who can make the biggest fool of themselves for everyone else’s enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter that at your cooked-at-home, holiday-dinner gathering the mashed potatoes might be a little lumpy, or the green bean casserole doesn’t exactly look like the picture showed it should.

What matters is that you thought enough of the people who are gathered there with you during that meal, to share what you had with those that you cared about the most.

So here is wishing blessings, joy, and good fellowship to all. Make some fun holiday memories to savor over the years to come—just to spill them mercilessly on next year’s tablecloth.