Those Morning-Mirror Reflections

There you are, staring long into your own changing face, somewhere between thoughts of what was and what might have been, a new thought arose: What is yet to bmirror-self-reflection-imagee?

That is how we properly start this day and any other—focusing on the yet to be aspect.

The mirror shows many things: a hazy reflection of who is standing directly before it or depending on the angle of view, it could be a distant horizon as seen reflected from the nearby window.

But neither reflection is the real thing. They are simply stand-ins—assimilations of trueness. That is the problem with facing the morning mirror: when we look dreary-eyed into it, we believe the reflection seen before us to be our actual reality. When the 2-dimensional mirror surface becomes our stand-in for self-image, we are limiting our own potential for greatness.

Representatives of the real thing are imposters—merely static icons of objects, concepts and attitudes. When you see a representative image, you may see what it meant to you in the past, including comparing your present reflection to a more youthful remembrance of you; or you may even wince at the reflection, feeling still-lingering barbs of hurtful things others may have once said.

Or the face staring back at you in that cold, reflective surface, may be questioning your decisions from a distant yesterday, or perhaps displaying unhappiness over your less-than-stellar present.

Wavering self-images are always in flux and dependent on our moods and supportive associations. That’s why the morning mirror sees us as we tend to see ourselves at that time: looking our worst, slightly out of focus, and still searching for something that we aren’t quite achieving. We may even see our entire history playing out in every facial line of disappointment or uncertainty staring back at us.

But when you think about it, the mirror doesn’t represent your past at all, because you are no longer in the past. The mirror’s reflection simply shows this momentary appearance of you here and now, and then woops, …it is the next here and now, …and then the next.

Breathe in, ..breathe out, …and we are changed beings. We are not the same breathing vessel that once stored oxygen molecules in our expanding lungs, and then exchanged them for carbon dioxide waste molecules expelling from our nostrils and lips just a few seconds after that.

Every breath is a new one, and every moment that we breathe is a new moment of lifea new opportunity to see with new eyes, to hear with new ears, and to think with new thoughts.

As you are SO well aware, that YOU that you see in the mirror today, is not the same YOU that you saw yesterday. Nor is it the same YOU who looked in the mirror a week ago or a year ago, or longer.

Today, the mirror shows a representative snapshot of the YOU in this moment in time. But the snapshot is hardly the mechanism that took it, or the eyes that now view it.

The mirror image is NOT you. It is merely a visual representation of one momentary appearance, followed by another, and another, and another…

Why is this important?

Well, for instance, if you look in the mirror now and you like what you see, you might smile.

However, if you aren’t pleased with the view, you might not; and then just an arm’s length away, the face staring back at you begins to frown and what you actually see is your own disapproval with yourself—possibly full of self-condemnation and even self-loathing.

But, on the other hand, what happens if you can look into that mirror every morning hereafter, and by withholding those more critical, inner judgments, say, “Good morning, you gorgeous creature. I’m so glad to see that you are still here and ready to set the world on fire today!”

Then smile at yourself, because you know that whatever actually happens during this day, you will handle it to the very best of your ability—because that’s just how you operate. You always give your best! And that’s plenty good enough.

Perhaps you could also then lean in and whisper to yourself before leaving the mirror: “Yes, we are operating incognito for now, but under this carefully-camouflaged, external appearance meant to hide my True potential from the rest of a jealous world, is the real meready for action, aimed at achieving great feats of excellence, and firing on all cylinders to get those jobs done!”

Then slip into your Super-Man or Super-Woman underwear, and fold your freshly-washed cape into your briefcase, adjust your tie or skirt for maximum effect, and you’re ready to meet the day ahead.

With a little positive self-talk (and a few wardrobe props), you can nod with full acceptance at the mirrored reflection before you, knowing that whatever imperfection you once detected, only revealed the true depth of your character; and that still-visible wrinkle, blemish, or scar on your face represents a hard-won badge of honor for still being alive to fight (or love) another day.

Reinventing the Wheel

How do you design a better wheel? Is it something other than round?

Perhaps you eliminate the need for the wheel. On cars, wheels may eventually go the way of the carburetor in automotive engines—replaced by something more efficient and effective—like the air pVolkswagen-Aqua-Hovercraft-Concept-2020ower of a hovercraft. No wheels there other than high-speed fans blowing pressurized air against the ground.

I think that’s what is happening to all of us. We’re getting redesigned to make us more efficient in operation and more effective as a species. I think our “wheel” is getting some updates or they are being tilted in a different direction for a different purpose.

You might well ask, as I am at present, “So why does my ‘wheel’ feel like it has a flat spot? Why do I go ‘whump-whump-whump’ through each day, like a bad grocery cart in the produce aisle? It’s very annoying.”

Well, perhaps it has to do with the re-engineering process. Good ideas aren’t always practical or without flaws. Not all automotive prototypes make it to the sales floor. We’re all in mid redesign at present—we’re still in the tinkering phase—testing theories—doing mock-ups—running stats.

Many of us seem to be having a hard time making it out of the “wind tunnel test” intact. Aerodynamics is important for any vehicle’s speed and fuel efficiency. Considering the Winds of Change are blowing strongly right now, are we still too wind-resistant?

There is a great Lakota phrase that I love: “Let the wind blow through you.”

The winds will always blow. It is your choice to resist them or to go with them. Learn to redirect the force of the air so it works in your favor and lifts you off the ground instead of pinning you to it.

Become the hovercraft, not the wobbling, grocery cart.

Be the fan the wind blows through to power your ascent. Become that wheel spinning ever faster as the wind increases.

Winds of change will always blow. First, acknowledge it, and then utilize them for your benefit.

Three Amazing Books

Over the years, I’ve been doing hypnosis and past-life exploration with clients, and I thought I pretty well had it mapped out on how it all worked and what was actually happening during the exploration process. But I’ve been reading some books lately that are disrupting my deepest beliefs about everything. It will definitely affect how I conduct hypnosis in the future.

These apower of nowre the three books that I’ve recently purchased: The first isn’t that new, and the subject matter isn’t that new either. Ekhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. This book by itself can stand alone for content and depth of thought, but when combined with the other two books, it creates swirling, kaleidoscopic ménage behind my eyes.

The two newer ones are more beyond-earthly-life focused: Annie Kagan’s The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, which has great one-liner quotes that you’ll see all across Facebook; and Mira Kelley’s Beyond Past Lives, which is just phenomenal on the subject of Past-Life Exploration and themes of multidimensionality. Kelley’s book has surprisingly disrupted my concept of reality.afterlife Billie

Kagan’s Billy Fingers book has that Robin William’s movie “What Dreams May Come” after-life quality to it. I imagine this will be on-screen sometime in the near future. It’s good, thought-provoking, and peace-inducing.

But Kelley’Beyond pastlivess Beyond Past Lives is a true belief-shaker. Reading in it was affecting me so deeply on some level that I could only read a few pages at a time and then have to put it down to process what I’d read. Most of that effect had to do with contemplating the NOW aspect to ALL lives—what we had previously categorized as past, present, and future lives. ALL are instead happening simultaneously NOW.

Conducting past-life explorations is what I do—I know how those sessions go—what people experience—how it affects them—and how I let their Higher Self run the entire session. After reading a few pages in Kelley’s book, I saw a completely different perspective on all of those client-reviewed experiences, and it was belief shattering.

Mira Kelley is saying that there is no such thing as past or future lives—all are NOW lives playing somewhere in some dimension beyond what we are presently experiencing—along with coinciding multiple versions of each “life” all happening at the same time.

These multiple-versions of your life are NOT like viewing different camera angles to the same scene. No, we are seeing the same YOU in the same life but in different scenarios with different scripts, following a different plot, along with the same or a completely different supporting cast as the scene runs—a parallel version(s) of this life (or any other life) depending on the important choices made throughout that life.

It’s that Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a yellow woods…” thing. The right path takes you in one direction to one destiny, and the left path goes in a completely different direction to a different destiny. The path you choose at that time, decides the destiny—the outcome.

But the key point is that on some level of reviewing the possibilities, ALL choices are available to see and feel the effects of them in the NOW. ALL possibilities exist somewhere, on some dimension of existence, and ALL are running simultaneously NOW.

I know. This is a hard concept to wrap your head around, and it takes time to digest it. I’m still ruminating on some of this.

So, if you are interested in how truly amazing you are and always were, and always will be, you might want to check out a book or two above. They aren’t exactly “light” reading material, but they are “light-based,” …as are we all.

“Conscious Participation in the Acts of Creation”

That is a closing quote that Tom Lescher makes in his Pele Report from yesterday.

In my opinion, what he talks about in this video from yesterday deserves to be heard. I could not have better expressed what I am personally feeling and what I think about the world situation–than Tom has done here.

Staying centered and non-attached is the only way to be right now. It is not escapism–it is a tight focus on holding your own center and keeping your frequency high. This entire world-wide shake up is higher-intention driven and beyond our present comprehension.

The clearing out of the old energies and the reconnection to nature and earth-based solidity, is the path of sanity right now. Simply reconnect your roots into earth and spread your branches toward the sun. One person at a time shifting the energies higher—holding an island of calmness in a tumultuous sea—makes a difference overall.

It’s a choice we make to allow fear to consume us or to hold the frequencies of love and peace. Choose peace, and reach for the sun.

 Tom K Sep 2