Herding Cats or Corralling the Uncontainable

boat on orange sky


Is there a tiger in that boat? Try herding that one.

I’ve been a cat-wrangler for most of my life. Driving the herds from upstairs to downstairs, inside to outside, and then outside to back in again.

My “herds” over the years have been pretty small, but it’s a hard, thankless life because there are things that cats will do and things that they won’t. The only trick to herding cats is to make them think that it’s their idea where you want them to go, and they will beat you there.

Cats like food and fun, a cozy warm nest to snuggle into, and someone to occasionally pester. If they can’t find another cat or even the poor dog to harass, then you become their prime target.

You don’t really train a cat—it’s more like they train you to do what they want done—when they want it done. One thing that cats have trained me to do is either buy expensive food or cook food from scratch for them because if I don’t, they make me regret it in ways too graphic to explain further.

If you do have cats, you likely understand. If you don’t have cats, consider yourself lucky in one sense yet deprived in another—deprived of sharing your home with an extremely interesting species that is completely self-absorbed and considers you as a lesser being to them. What’s that saying? “Dogs have masters, but cats have staff.” Totally true. I know my place.

Cats grace you with their presence. They allow you to share the sofa with them but it comes at a cost: hair all over your shirt and pants or a tail in your face while you’re trying to watch something of interest on the TV.

You never need an alarm clock with a cat around. Breakfast is their favorite meal and they like it best around 3am. No arguments to the contrary will suffice.

The other interesting thing about cats is their amazing ability to read energy. If they encounter a captive audience (a house guest) who is either allergic to cats or simply wants no part of them, THAT is the person voted most likely to be the cat’s focal point of the night. Never fails. They love the ones who hate them but are too polite to make a big scene over it—pester-heaven for them.

Now, if someone who is of questionable character enters the home, the cat will also make you well aware of its distrust for that person by taking a wide path around them, doing “scowly-face” and flipping their tail side to side in disapproval. They do not suffer fools or psychos as the bad vibes emitted by the person gives them away.

I like dogs also, but cats are a whole other ballgame. You know where you stand with a dog—there’s never a doubt. But with a cat, you’re always watching where you step, …sometimes literally.

Shades of “The Knick”

Clients often ask me pertaining to their long-term, difficult-to-diagnose health problems, the questions of “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t all these doctors find the real problem?”

Those are questions that I can’t even attempt to answer, because the underlying “reason” for someone’s presenting problems could lie in other levels of that person’s being. We could explore possibilities in the spiritual/energy realms, but I can’t give them the definitives that they want.

Medical professionals may well have isolated some specific causes for the person’s present discomfort, but there may also be underlying reasons that have created the situation. The problem situation may simply be signaling a need to address those hidden reasons by creating this pain symptom waving such a bright, red flag to draw attention to the still unresolved issue.

In today’s world, most medical doctors look for a physical reason to a pain symptom. Psychologists might address the stubborn physical problem as a physical manifestation of suppressed mental or emotional reactions at an earlier age; or perhaps it could be a recurring trigger situation that sets those correspondingly-painful physical symptoms in motion. Exhaustive possibilities are likely examined in search of the originating cause of a person’s stubborn pain because most medical professionals operate by eliminating known possibilities for the pain. But they don’t pursue the unknown possibilities.

I, who am not a doctor or a therapist, might cite a possible spiritual or an energy-body reason, because when you often dig down to the roots of a chronic or recurring problem, it may lie in a past or parallel life, rather than in this one, but this life is making sure that you can’t keep ignoring those still-lingering residues from a different time and place by making the pain so undeniable. In other words, we explore the unknown realms for answers to your questions. We are simply the explorers of possibilities.

Other than well-known past-life regressionist, Dr. Brian Weiss, and a few additional high-end therapists who do understand this level of an originating-problem-lies-in-another-life-experience, most modern-day healing professions are in early exploratory phases now on what is really creating a person’s illness or medical crisis—as being something beyond what can be presently measured, tested, and scanned.

The_Knick_Promo_PosterOddly as I’m writing here, this explanation reminds me of the new show on Cinemax: “The Knick.” Set in New York City’s Knickerbocker Hospital in the early 1900’s, the brightest and the best surgeons of the time explored and expanded medical treatments and surgical procedures in what we would now call the crudest and most appallingly unsterile medical-treatment conditions imaginable.

For me, watching that show is a little like watching a car-wreck in motion—hard to turn away from an inevitable calamity, yet the resulting “yuck” factor is high. But what “The Knick” does best is to show that at that time—in the early 1900’s, those gruesome medical procedures were considered ground-breaking and (excuse me) “cutting edge.”

Now, with our present standards of medical care, watching what was common practice a hundred years ago, simply makes your skin crawl; and yet there is something about the point of the show that is so important to understand. Those doctors at that time were considered the best and brightest in their field—the ones with the most up-to-date knowledge of how to help people and handle those existing medical problems.

But as we now view it from a future vantage point looking back to what they considered major revelations and advancements in the field of medicine, it helps us to understand not only how far we have come in present medical standards of treatment, but also how naive it is to think that any standard of treatment protocol at any period of time, cannot be improved or expanded beyond what it is or was considered acceptable.

When knowledge and understanding advance, so do protocols on how we view or handle a problem—any problem.

What Freud and Jung did for mental health in their day, and Palmer did for skeletal manipulation with Chiropractic in his day, Weiss has enabled future health practitioners to explore other dimensions of existence and connect us into our highest multi-level consciousness that not only knows the answers to our deepest problems, but can also help us understand why we are experiencing them. The underlying reason for your present difficulty might be far more than you think it could be.

The two most important things that I’ve evolved into believing as true are that time is malleable and consciousness is infinite. We are only starting to comprehend how multi-dimensional we truly are.

Given a future hundred years from now, and looking back at this time period in terms of medical treatments for all kinds of problems, how do you think you’d feel about it from that vantage point?

It might be similar to how I presently react to “The Knick.”

In Search of the Elusive Panacea

“Deep in the Amazon jungle, the intrepid explorers hacked their way through thick vegetation, endured sweltering and debilitating heat while trudging along writhing, parasite-infested trails, …all in search of the elusive Panacea.”

That darn Panacea. Hard thing to find, for sure.rainforest waterfall

First of all, where do you look? I mean, if no one has ever found it, where do you start your search? But wait, you might ponder, what IS a panacea?

Actually, that’s a very good starting point. A panacea is another name for cure-all, magic potion, or the solution to a problem.

Although some explorers have indeed found curative medical treatments derived from Amazonian flora and fauna, I don’t think the solution to all our personal, social and cultural problems lies in leech anticoagulants or “poison-dart frog” pain-killers.

I think that search has to be more of an internal one.

What I have noticed over the years of energy work, which includes REIKI, hypnosis, True-self Actualization, and just about anything else I do including my writing because it’s all energy work, is that most clients tend to think like their former medical professionals have trained them to think: You have a problem, you go to the Doctor, you get some pills, and one treatment should do the job—just get on with it and fix it quick—whatever their problem is.

Instead, what usually happens with clients is that we take care of some immediate energy imbalances and clear some blockages, maybe even make some interesting revelations on why they are where they are in life. I tell them what I’m intuiting about their situation from the feel of the energy they are holding and ask them some questions for them to later ponder that may spur deeper thought into the reason for their present problem.

I do this in hope that my clients will personally reflect on making some possible changes in their life to shift how that person is both perceiving their situations and reacting to them, because tainted perceptions and auto-reactions are key problem initiators, as is going against your own inner truth, especially when you know what that truth is.

But if the person then returns to life as usual, and doesn’t do the reflection and make the life adjustments in perception and reaction—or being true to who she or he is as a loving and compassionate person, then nothing really changes for them.

What I want to make completely clear to anyone is that there really is no such thing as a cure all—a one-trip solution to any problem, nor a magic potion that transforms someone’s life instantly and miraculously into exactly what that person wants it to be.

There are NO panaceas. That’s not the purpose of having a life on Earth.

Believing in life panaceas is like buying into the old “Snipe Hunts” of our youth: they don’t really exist. It’s just a ruse to get you out into the dark night with adolescent hormones running amuck.

Changing your life for the better takes a lot of reflection (meditation and journaling) and redirection (defining your goals and developing action plans to achieve them).

When you hear that “Life is a journey, not a destination,” there is truth and falseness to that claim. The truth is that over the course of your life you will try many things, attempt many relationships, and learn a lot about yourself and everyone around you. That’s the journey aspect—what you learn along the way.

The falseness of the statement is that Life actually IS a destination. You came here from higher-frequency spiritual dimensions to experience being alive in a human body and to amass greater comprehension and awareness during that brief process. You came to expand your consciousness. So, actually, your present life IS your destination this time around.

As for the elusive panacea to all your life’s problems, personal, social, and cultural, there is only one thing I can think of that might be considered close to it: Learning to love everyone, including yourself in all your imperfections, inadequacies and unfulfilled potential. We all have them. I think you’ll find that when you are happier with yourself, you can be happier with others.

So if there actually is an elusive one that exists—the one lone Snipe in the bush—then the only panacea that I know of, is LOVE.

BE the Peace

 “You can say it’s because of a global shift in consciousness, a destiny we have arrived at due to spiritual evolution, or the outcome of strange times, but, many people all across the globe are going through intense personal strangenss imagechanges and sensing an expansion of consciousness. Personal changes of this magnitude can be difficult to recognize and to understand” Christina Sarich

Art by Kathleen Farago

Yes, … “difficult to recognize and understand.” I saw this image and blurb on my Facebook page this morning, and since it definitely applies to what I’ve been recently writing; how we’re all going through this shake up and revamp now—just in our own ways, I thought I’d share it here with you.

Changes are happening all around us now and to us. We are evolving. We are adapting. We are shifting higher in consciousness, and it’s not an easy process, by any sense of the word.

But it is a necessary one.

For myself, I find that one of the hardest things to do daily is to hold my own center—to stay focused on my highest intentions to be at peace and stay there. I’m not always successful in doing that, but I make it my daily intention every morning.

So how can we stay at peace when the world around us is so chaotic?

Here are a few suggestions to help you find that safe-haven of inner calmness and serenity:

  1. Reduce or eliminate external sources of havoc and turmoil from your environment. That does not mean hiring a hit on your neighbor for his racket with cars, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed whackers, etc.. (Try a good set of headphones—they work wonders.) It means control what you CAN control: television, radio, who you hang with, who you talk to, where you go, what you do, …those types of things that are determined daily by YOU. You have control of those things.
  2. Get out in nature more. Take nature walks, sit on the Earth and meditate, enjoy the beautiful weather while it is still beautiful. Listen to the birds singing, and wind moving through the leaves in the trees above your head. Take a canoe or kayak onto a lake and just let the gentle ripples rock you like a mother rocks a newborn baby, so gently and lovingly. Feel held by the water or the earth. Feel more a part OF your environment—rather than apart from it.
  3. Develop an early morning meditation ritual. Set a regular time daily to simply get quiet inside. Be the peace you wish to see and feel in the world.
  4. Find physical outlets for your energy. Try walking or running, attend gyms or workout groups, but if your focus is on feeling more at peace within yourself, you might find that more isolated activities, where you aren’t sharing/balancing the energies of others in the process, makes it easier to hold your own center.
  5. Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude.’ A few years back, a lady popularized keeping a daily gratitude journal of all the things that she was grateful for in her life; and she found that in doing so, her entire perspective shifted from one of dread to joy. JOY is GOOD! Joy brings a sense of contentment and peace. We all need more joy in our lives.

Change is change. It just is. We are changing. Don’t let yourself be the end result of someone else’s anger or unhappiness.

BE the peace that you wish to see in the world. Hold your center frequency high, and stay there.

Strangeness and Normalcy

Strangeness seems to be the norm now.

That’s not really a pleasant thought, but evidence in my own life and the world around us all point to that as a likely truth. Things are just plain strange everywhere, including within us at present and that seems to be how it will continue to be, for the unknown future— annoyingly strange.

boy and web of lifeFor me it’s very hard to get used to driving along the highway and out of nowhere (and for no reason that I can discern), a scene with characters from my distant past flashes right in front of my vision…just a flash….along with the memory’s emotional intensity for that single second, ….and then I see the road again. I mean, THAT is a real head-shaker, not to mention quite a distraction driving in traffic at 65mph.

I don’t know how all of you are handling this daily strangeness and other odd aspects perhaps more suited to your own situations, but I find the continuing “old-memories-surfacing-for-purging” thing to be quite a challenge. This cleansing phase can’t be done soon enough for me. I’m even starting to wonder if this is like a “your entire life passes before your eyes after you die” thing? And if it is, did I die and not know it?

Well, if I did die, I’m certain that there are better ways to spend my afterlife than going after a truckload-of-compost for the garden today …that’s for certain. Hopefully it smells a lot sweeter there than at the compost facility, wherever THERE is. So with that fragrant realism maintained, I’m guessing that I’m still alive.

And if strangeness has become the new norm, then strangeness should actually become less strange, not more so, by the day, shouldn’t it? I mean, when everything is strange, then something that is “not-so-strange” stands out in comparison, right?

Pretty soon we can say upon arriving at home after a day’s work, “It was an unusual day today, dear. Nothing strange happened. I just didn’t know how to handle that.”

But I’d like to try.

Getting Your HOUSE Cleaned

I mentioned previously that I’m actually not a practitioner of astrology, but that I appreciate those who can really nail the energetic confluences happening to us and around us while it’s occurring.

In case you’ve been in a coma for the last six months and had no idea that we have been besieged by the largest influx of chaos and disruptions energies experienced in at least the last 30 years, let me assure you that those are indeed what we are still trying to survive, personally and collectively—regionally and world-wide.

Why is this occurring, you might wonder?

house_cleaningIt’s occurring because we’re getting our houses cleaned—like it or not.

And what houses your spirit or your soul? Yes,… your body and your mind are getting quite a work-over at present. Those little terrestrial beater-brushes are pounding away at you as the cosmic suction tube pulls off what can be removed from your energy field now. Don’t believe it? Let me give you some examples of what you might be experiencing.

Have you noticed lots of strange aches and pains lately? How about experiencing really odd situations that suddenly trigger very old memories, along with corresponding emotions attached to them—could even be childhood stuff? Those are pleasant, aren’t they? Yeah, …not so much.

For most of us, there seems to be an endless stream of memories and emotions rising for review and release now. I know that I’ve been blowing energies out many times a day just trying to get those sudden flashes of faces and incidents out of my head and heart—unpleasant things I hadn’t thought about in decades, are suddenly right between my eyes, refusing to be pushed out of my view.

We’re all going through this now in one way or another, and there really is no way around it. The entire purpose of those revisits and recollections are to release the blocking energies that are preventing you from shifting higher in consciousness. If you want to stop walking in the mud, you have to first step up out of it and then clean off your shoes to prevent taking it with you. You can’t keep pushing this stuff down any longer. It just won’t stay there because it’s time to release it for good.

In the broadest sense, I do understand what is happening to all of us, even as unpleasant as it may be, but I was glad to hear it verified by one of the top astrologers that I follow: a humorous fellow who never takes himself too seriously but is astute and amazingly accurate, Tom Lescher. See this link: the one for August 6th, 2014, to fully understand why you may have been feeling the way that you have. He gets into more details about what is happening to all of us about 9 minutes into it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2rFUw6RwVU&feature=youtu.be

To me, it feels like things are finally shifting more in line to where they need to be for these new, high-power energies coming in at present. But my guess is that the cleaning crew has only done the top floor, and is now working its way down to the basement. So, the house cleaning isn’t done yet. It’s just gone deeper into the subconscious stuff now—because that’s where you keep the old files—the old memories—the automatic reactions.

For your own sanity, just keep in mind that for whatever memories or emotions surface now, keep forcefully blowing them out with every exhalation until the emotional intensity lessens and you can feel lighter with the energy release.

And also please remember, that no matter how disrupting or even destabilizing this process feels to you, it is just a phase—a necessary house cleaning phase.

You can handle it, because we’re all going through it at the same time. It has to do with the higher-consciousness shift away from the need for pain and suffering. That’s why you don’t want to take that stuff with you. It’s not allowed in higher-frequencies, which is a good thing.


I couldn’t believe I watched it, but I did—all the way to the realism-challenged end. It was one of those “Transformers” movies; and I don’t even know which one it was.

There were lots of unrecognizable machine-type things morphing into more transformers camarocommonly recognizable mechanical-type things used in our present world for transportation and annihilation—sometimes in the same morph. Lots of loud booms, flying bodies, and major destruction everywhere.

And I sat there grimacing at the animated onscreen violence but kept watching it to the-good-guys-win end.

No idea why, other than for distraction from the real-world violence on the news 24/7/365. But it was pretty much the same backdrop scenery in either case—definitely no chick-flick, but then, neither is the news. Fortunately in the movie, there was an eventual end to the violence—at least until the next installment.

If there is a point here that my meandering mind is trying to make, I think it has to do with the word “transformation” and that was the underlying theme of the movie (besides to make big $$$’s for investors): We are all transforming daily into something that we wish we were or something that we want to be; or in some cases, de-transforming into something less than our potential and just shy of our dreams.

In that de-transformation, we devalue ourselves because we lose inner confidence and the courage to keep putting ourselves out there with no visible sign of success for doing so. We may feel defeated and unappreciated until life challenges us in some way to step up and “save the world” from malevolent car parts, …because for some strange reason known only to Transformers movie buffs, …we are the only ones who can (or so the movie goes).

In non-movie reality, real transformation is tough. It requires a lot of effort and dedication to improve ourselves and build our bodies/minds/ and careers into that awesome outcome that we once expected would come so easily to us. Who knew it would take so much hard work getting there—actually being as awesome as we once thought that we could be?

I know that I have transformed myself many times: I’ve had many careers, explored many professions, continued my education degrees, and learned many new “marketable” skills long after my 20’s and 30’s when most folks think they will make their fortunes and have their lives set on a single path toward financial success.

In my opinion based on my own varied life experiences, I think it is less about what you actually do for a living, and more about who you are as a person, and even more importantly, it is about how much you evolve in consciousness and compassion along the way, doing whatever it is that you eventually do with your life.

That’s the transformative purpose of the human experience.

It really doesn’t matter how quickly you can change from being a ‘67 Bumblebee Camaro into a streaking-yellow Stealth fighter.

What matters is that by the end of the movie, you get the girl and you save the world.