Those Dissin’ “Chaos” Energies

Noticed a bit of discomfort lately in situations, relationships, and personal endeavors? It might be the malingering effects of the dysfunction-creating  “D’s”—those discombobulating chaos energiesdolphin waves rainbow we’re swimming in at present, with two of the most noticeable aspects being dissonance and disruption.

For those of us who are energy sensitive, we know the feel of these disturbing energies when you’re in them. Once-normal situations now seem tense and potentially explosive. People you normally associate with walk around frowny-faced and withdrawn, preferring to be left alone—with you being one of them.

Easy to tell that this isn’t a fun environment to be in or near; and that makes for yet another “D”—difficulties.

So what is going on in the world right now?

The likely culprits are some very weird energies coming in to the world at present, and those strange oceans of energy that we are all swimming in seem to be chaos energies. It’s easy to recognize chaos energies because they create lots of upheavals and uncertainties wherever they are present; resulting in all those previously mentioned “D’s,” which are so obvious right now whether at work, at home, communally or personally.

What is perhaps even more distracting is the sheer strength of these latest chaos energies which are straining relationships and creating sleepless nights for many of us who are so energy sensitive.

I asked a dear friend who is also a highly-intuitive energy-worker, for her take on what is happening because I was having a hard time getting a clear read for it myself, and she said it’s all about balancing the new energies coming in to our world at present—energies that are meant to be dissonant and disruptive to shake up the old systems—the old ways of operation—and create the opportunity for change: for both individual and world-wide change.

So if you find yourself immersed in this kettle of funky, murky energy that seems to keep stirring things hotter for you, maybe it’s time find a way to turn down the heat and let the situation cool a bit. Chill out. Walk away. Shift your focus for awhile.

As someone recently wrote, “Just because you’re invited to an argument, doesn’t mean you have to accept the invitation.”

But if these chaos energies continue to be so strong and continue to adversely affect us, perhaps we need to learn how to handle these powerfully disruptive energies in more calm and constructive ways, to prevent all those “D’s” from leading to one more: disaster.

If there was ever a time to learn how to hold your own center and keep your cool in adverse situations, this is it.  So my suggestion is to meditate more and spend some quality time in nature doing vigorous activities to burn off that excess energy flooding our energy fields at present; and by all means, simply relax….just relax. Sit back and take it easy for awhile.

These energies will shift again in a few weeks, and hopefully they will be more pleasant and nurturing by then. Just try to use these present disruptive-energy aspects to clear things from your life that have long needed to be cleared, but for some reason, you just couldn’t let them go.

Try again! I bet in these energies you CAN let them go now!

ImageClean out the basement or the garage, stack the trash bins full of all that old “stuff” you’ve accumulated and kick it to the curb. That’s what these energies are good for: Clearing out the old to make room for the new.

The Chinese kanji representing “Chaos” means many things. But the greatest positive effect it represents is the “Opportunity for Change.”  And that’s the whole point of this present world-wide energy scenario: CHANGE.


Deciphering the Patterns of Our Lives

I love jigsaw puzzles—1000 piece, 1500 piece—bring it on! My fascination with them is so pronounced that it becomes a winter obsession once a box is dumped out onto the table awaiting sorting by colors, textures, and border pieces. I spend hours in this focused endeavor to make sense of the chaotic randomness scattered within a 3ft x 3ft table surface, and have personally found that if you work hard enough and notice the subtle distinctions in each piece, you find the clues to how they all fit together as one large picture shown on the box cover. That completed puzzle picture is often crucial to making it through the tougher areas.

Too bad our lives didn’t come with a completed puzzle picture when they dumped us out on the table here. It would have been so much easier to put it all together as to why we are here and how we look doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

This obsession I have with deciphering patterns and puzzles is what makes me so determined to make sense not only of my own life, but of “life” in general. I’ve written books on finding your true-self (the HONORING THE HERMIT series)—your true calling in life; and I still teach classes to help others sort their own puzzles pieces into coherent patterns for inner recognition.

ImageLike the many puzzle box pictures on the store shelf, for all our seeming uniqueness, we have just as many similarities in sizes, shapes, edges, grooved or protruding knobs, indentations—all the aspects of a puzzle piece that makes it fit together with another piece in perfect union and harmony to the whole picture.

There are subtle interlocking patterns to a puzzle—like the coy but distinct signature of the puzzle designer; and if you can recognize those hidden design keys, you have a much better shot at understanding the designer’s intention. They often set unwritten rules for each puzzle shape and matching fit that apply to the majority of the puzzle, except for one far side where they break their own rules and the normal patterns of how pieces fit together are just the opposite on that particular side. Very clever.

Our lives are a bit like those cleverly-nuanced, interlocking patterns. Just when you think you’ve figured out the unwritten rules of life, you get to the far side of the frame only to see it all flipped so that what once made sense in your life, no longer does. It’s that “gotcha” factor that puzzle designers love to pull.

Just the other day, I was trying to remember how many times I’ve thought that I had life all figured out, only to be shown how little I really knew on the subject. It was depressing as the “wrong again” count mounted and my mind began to object to recalling how many times my falsely-inflated ego had been steamrolled into submission. But that doesn’t mean that I ever give up on a puzzle—even the puzzle of our existence. It just means that sometimes you have to take a break from trying so hard to see the correlations and connections, and simply walk away for a time to freshen your perspective and attention.

So if you’re facing a tough life puzzle at present, and you can’t seem to make any sense of it, maybe you should take a break from trying so hard to make it fit. Rest your bleary eyes, clear your scrambled thoughts, and shift your focus to something else for awhile. Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from a situation long enough to gain a fresh attitude and sharpen our vision to better understand the Puzzle Designer’s intentions.

But never give up on a puzzle, because it’s often just a matter of time, requiring a subtle shift in perspective, to help you see the hidden key that makes all the pieces simply fall into place.